Rainy Saturday

Autocomplete suggested that I title this “Rainy Saturday Morning.” I suspect that I wrote that sometime in the past, but I’m a little too lazy to go check. Maybe after I write.

With football gone, I’ve been paying a bit more attention to news. This week’s been a doozy.

Going kind of revers-follow order, what is going on in Moldova? Just something I stumbled across looking at “Trending” on TwitterX. (The people really incensed about dead-naming never say anything when it’s done to a website; why is that?) Romania is a NATO and EU country. Moldova is the latter, and actually looks like it’d be a good fit for the former, so that means Russia should take it. Um.

*glances over to see that WordPress is warning me about my colors being difficult to read. What? I’d be writing this in EMACS if there was a good way to do that, and only use your editor because it’s convenient. By the way, it’d be really helpful if there was a way to set to open new links in tabs so I don’t have to click on them twice. Kthxbai*

But it looks like the Moldovans have been trying to integrate themselves into a modern Europe. You know, a place that respects the human rights as enumerated by Locke.

But, like, see, my Uber drive once told me that there was this agreement between Gorbachev and Bush 41 saying after German reunification, there’d be no eastward advance of NATO. I mean, the guy who explained that there wasn’t genocide in either Cambodia or Bosnia said it happened, so it happened.

Along those lines, also tailing the Steve Baker and Catherine Herridge stories.

Whether or not you appreciate their reporting, there’s absolutely a right to report whatever. And withhold your sources.

Where you think those rights come from is entirely up to you. At one time, the enlightened world at least agreed on those rights.

Today, on the other hand, the only fundamental human right is to have a vote automatically tallied for you as being for one particular political party.

I should fill out my absentee ballot, even though it’ll make absolutely no difference where I live.

I also have been following, from a distance, the stuff going on with the cases surrounding President Trump. Especially what’s going on in Fulton County, Georgia.

The merits of the case, as with most racketeering cases, seem very weak to me. I understand that Rudy Giuliani made a name for himself using similar Federal statutes against the New York Mafia families, but were things really better in New York because a bunch of well-dressed guys ended up slicing the garlic so thin you could see through it?

Or was it because of other things?

But back to Fani, I remember being a young dude working in broadcast, glancing at a young woman DJ who’d actually talk to me.

“Don’t shit where you eat.”

Of course, I knew the rules around sexual harassment. It was kind of everywhere in military education following Tailhook.

But, even without the power dynamics, it’s generally a good idea not to even consider anyone you work with.

The perils outweigh any possible benefits.