Embrace Temporality #2

Thinking more about what I’d written this weekend along with the problems I’m facing at work.

You need an expert to do whatever.

But that brought me back to what was perhaps my first ever certification, the Red Cross babysitter certification.

I had to have that to charge to babysit kids on post. On Carl Schurz Kaserne in Bremerhaven.

Out on a date with my girlfriend (she is forever my girlfriend, even if I did put a ring on it…), I demonstrated folding a cloth diaper.

Who needs to do that anymore?

But that was a part of the certification. So I learned it, and it stuck. That unused extra napkin meant for the ribs I’d ordered, served as a representation of a cloth diaper.

I remembered hot to fold it. And secure it.

What use is that today? Even, almost twenty years ago, it wouldn’t have increased my chances of reproducing. (Though I really nixed that by determining she and I would form Butters?)

What use was that during the Bush 41 Administration?

I’ve also learned how to set engine timing using a timing light, and change carburetor jets. What use is that in 2024?


You figure it out.

I really don’t like comparisons to cooking or cars (as he says with Chapped running in a background windows), but I also learned how to run a timing light, and how to gap ignitions points.

Does that make me a competent source for auto Maintenace?

Things change; get over it. Still, there’s things that stand the test of time.

Even if there was a way to buy something that cleared those, I don’t care.