Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Matters

Have you ever read the label of something you ate right after you ate it, and wondered what exactly you ate?

I think I just ate some peanut butter crackers.

What are crackers made of? Last time I checked, you can make crackers with:

Baking Soda

Okay, Peanut Butter? I thought Peanut Butter was made of heavily ground peanuts, like on the Jif commercials.

Now, I’m not gonna go to the trouble to actually count how many ingredients went into this 50 cent pack of crackers, but it’s well over twenty.

“Packed With Preservatives and stuff you’ve never heard of in your life…..Peanut Butter Crackers really satisfy.”

Notes: ——————————————————————–

I needed a good laugh…But peanut butter and crackers sounds really good right now…How much fat did you say wasin those? [Darky] 7/23/1999 11:01:14 PM

Overnight DJ. That’s like, my dream job ! I talk to radio DJ’s all the time on the local stations. They know me by name ! You sound like a guy who has some cool stuff to say. Waiting to hear from ya. [Lost and Lazy] 7/24/1999 9:50:19 PM

Don’t even get me STARTED on Oreos. [Midnight Butterfly] 7/25/1999 3:20:44 AM

I’ve read those ingredients stuff one too many times. [mizu] 7/18/2001 8:49:40 PM