Spin it harder, boys

John Kerry’s people are seriously on the defensive this morning, after Kerry ridiculed Bush for the missing explosives in Iraq. Story, according to NBC, who had an embedded reporter with the 101st Airborne when they reached the site, is that the explosives were gone when they showed up.
That bastion of objectivity, The New York Times, implied that the explosives disappeared while the facility was under US guard. Kerry hit upon this, and really hammered the president over it.
Now that it’s turning out not to be true, the Kerry campaign has Jamie Rubin on TV saying that the reason the explosives are gone because not enough troops were sent. There’s also information that the explosives may have been removed in January 2003, when UN inspectors were still in Iraq, before Colin Powell even gave his address to the UN.
What a fucktard. Both Kerry and Rubin.
Glenn Beck said a few months ago that Kerry takes the day’s headlines and disagrees with them. He didn’t do that yesterday, and maybe he would have been better off if he did. Today, of course, he is disagreeing with the headlines, again.
Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time. But we should have hit harder to prevent these from falling into the hands of terrorists. Yeah, whatever. Shut the fuck up.

Better Test

On who to vote for. bushkerrytest.com.
Unsuprisingly, I tested out for Bush. Still, it’s only because Bush is closer to what I think the real answers are. I had to bend things to fit into answers on the test.
To give you an idea of what a wackjob I am…..
I don’t support *any* medicare drug benefit. I think medicare should be eliminated completely.
I don’t support either education plan. I think the federal government has no role, whatsoever, in education.
I can’t defend the pledge issue. The 1954 law that established “In God We Trust” is clearly an establishment of religion.
I don’t support *any* federal medical savings plans, or allowing people to buy into existing plans. There is private insurance available. Buy it. I do. I spend over a hundred dollars a month insuring myself. Everyone wants someone else to pay for his health care. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way in America.


So, I responded to this posted in a community to which I belong, and the author convieniently deleted some of my comments to make himself look less like a fool.
But it speaks volumes about the desperation and insanity of many Kerry supporters.

Got High School Kids?

John Kerry says he’s opposed to the draft, but what, fundamentally is the difference between conscription and mandatory national service? Kerry has stated that he’s going to increase the Army by 40,000 soldiers. Without a draft. We’ll just call it “mandatory national service,” because, after all, you can go build houses for Jimmy Carter instead of fighting.
Any form of involuntary national service is fundamentally unamerican. We outlawed slavery in this country. There will not be a draft under Bush II, unless there’s a grave crisis that requires a massive mobilization. Under Kerry, everyone will be drafted. He’ll just call it something sweeter.


I had a suspicion once upon a time that spammers hocking this, that, and everything were basically street merchants from big cities.
Last couple of days, I’ve gotten a ton of spam asking me if I wanna buy a Rolex.
I’m envisioning a guy in a trench coat, with gold teeth, sitting behind a spyware-infested Dell……

If you\'re ignorant of the issues,

Pat McSweeney, writing in the Daily Press, says don’t vote.
I agree with him wholeheartedly.
Democracy is not a panacea. In fact a purely democratic society is undesirable. I also support a) indirect democracy (i.e. ending the direct election of the Senate), and b) extra votes awarded to those who pay higher tax rates. If you are more responsible for the funding, you should have more responsibility in the decision-making process than someone who contributes nothing.