Spin it harder, boys

John Kerry’s people are seriously on the defensive this morning, after Kerry ridiculed Bush for the missing explosives in Iraq. Story, according to NBC, who had an embedded reporter with the 101st Airborne when they reached the site, is that the explosives were gone when they showed up.
That bastion of objectivity, The New York Times, implied that the explosives disappeared while the facility was under US guard. Kerry hit upon this, and really hammered the president over it.
Now that it’s turning out not to be true, the Kerry campaign has Jamie Rubin on TV saying that the reason the explosives are gone because not enough troops were sent. There’s also information that the explosives may have been removed in January 2003, when UN inspectors were still in Iraq, before Colin Powell even gave his address to the UN.
What a fucktard. Both Kerry and Rubin.
Glenn Beck said a few months ago that Kerry takes the day’s headlines and disagrees with them. He didn’t do that yesterday, and maybe he would have been better off if he did. Today, of course, he is disagreeing with the headlines, again.
Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time. But we should have hit harder to prevent these from falling into the hands of terrorists. Yeah, whatever. Shut the fuck up.