I really do need to make an effort to go back through old entries various places, and consolidate them here.

I mentioned yesterday that I was looking for inspiration from the past. I’d glanced at something from 11/29/2011, but didn’t have it anywhere. It was on OD, but what I wasn’t the longish survey I’d seen at first glance.

But I didn’t have it here.

Now I do.

I’ve been pretty good about moving things around, but with multiple CMSes, etc., I have a lot of what I’d done in places I really can’t access.

The stuff from OD before it went away for the first time I had in ASCII exports spread far-and-wide. Finding things in there is easy enough — ^F (MM/DD)

I did lose all of the formatting, but I can’t be too upset about that.

I understand that the amazement about your MySpace page was the cool embedded drawing

Maybe you said something incredible.

More likely, however, you were putting up something that looked cool, and distracted people from trying to punch the monkey.

Know Your Meme is failing me on that one. Younger people probably aren’t familiar with the sorts of stupid ads that’d pop up when you were surfing the Information Superhighway back in the day.

Whatever you’d cranked out could be obscured by something annoying put there to distract you into giving away money.

I, on the other hand, tended to use HTML tricks to obscure content. I never do that anymore stopped doing that sort of thing. Or did I?

At the same time, for the most part the content persists in spite of the efforts to hide or delete it.

You can strip things away, and get back to what came out. Since it’s coming form a person, you start in with things like Chomsky’s generative grammar. (Which I’ve seen other langoustines describe as “creationist.”)

At some point, however, something comes out. It’s saved somewhere. Once the buffer is written, the effort it takes to remove it is pretty steep.

Everything Gets deleted eventually.

But you have to work at it to make that happen.

Whether or not you really want to throw things away is another story, altogether.

There aren’t a lot of people who’ll want to read my shit. In fact, I don’t want to read my shit a lot of the time.

But it’s there. It might be spread far and wide, but I can wrangle it back. If I want to.

Doing it is going to require a bunch of time, and I might not want to exert the effort to do it, but I think I know where the bodies are buried.

Eventually I’ll coalesce things into one thing, and store that far and wide.

Maybe all that’ll be a random MariaDB dump where someone can pick through and find what came out of my numb fingers.

Probably not; I’m not that interesting. But it’ll be there for someone to find if he/she wants to see it.

For the past fourteen years, I’ve hammered out whatever’s been seeping from my scarred brain the vast majority of days in November.

I can still type. For the most part.

It’s a skill that’s really second-nature at this point. I’m not sure that writing with a pen or pencil really is.

Am I proud of what I’ve barfed out for the month?


Maybe I should reword that. Am I really upset about what I’ve generated?


But I am finished.

That’s an accomplishment by itself.

I can use it is proof, even if it’s only to myself, that I can stick to something.

For miscellany vacillating between trying to watch the undercard presidential debate, and the Thursday Night Football game.

Honestly, neither is of much interest. Whichever one I end up with probably won’t occupy my attention all that long.

Oh well.

I can do that tonight because I’m finished.

Tomorrow, fingers crossed, my medication will arrive so I can take that.

And we can slide into December.



Really short-arming this one today.

So, start with one of T2K’s prompts…

What would a tree say if it could talk?

What wood it say?

I am so incredibly busy, but just trying to figure out what to do from here.

And no motivation to do much of anything.

Crawled back inside my head to see if there’s something from which I can sample.


Hangover from concert prep — this is running through my head the past few hours.

But it’s kind of one of those situations where I’m distracted enough that I’m forgetting what’s next.

When’s my medication supposed to show up?


I’m supposed to take that tomorrow.

*wanders away to check when it’ll get here*

Everything’s on track for your order to arrive by Nov. 29, 2023.


I hope a) it gets here on time, since the pharmacy just says “shipped,” and b) there’s enough time to let it warm up so the shot doesn’t bother me too much.

Maybe the earworm is kind of wishful?

Who knows?

Two more days to write. Two more days to work.

I’ve got this.

I think.

I really need to put this entries from 2017 and 2018 into WordPress so I can dig through entries more easily.

Hm. What’s on OD?

2011 there’s a very long survey I did.

Maybe next year. Imma go eat.


Family arriving are probably about an hour out, so I’ll take the opportunity to knock this out for the day.

After a long, actually restful, night of sleep.

Odd distraction in the background…he Bing weird wallpaper has some serious Indian Indigenous People’s CORN surrounding the edges of the browser window.

But back to what I was writing about….

The Macy’s Parade this year had En Vogue with Bel Biv DeVoe.

Yes, hon, we’re getting old.

But, at the same time, there’s a bunch of thirties pupping out for me this Thanksgiving.

I’ve written about my excitement for Saturday night to see Liz Phair on the thirtieth anniversary of Exile In Guyville tour.

If memory serves, Thanksgiving 1993 was spent on a very cold three-cities USO tour through some of the newly-opened countries to westerners.Saw

Saw the Lipizzaner Stallions training somewhere outside Vienna. Z night in a relatively-nice capitalist hotel in Budapest, really cheep Russian Vodka from the gas station next to the hotel, intense interrogation of all aboard the tour bus by Slovak border, and Prague in a cloud of ice fog.

The last The Fifth Column, tied the Argentine election thing back to the ALMA Bombing, which happened the following summer. I mean, I have some memories of the news about that, but we were in the process of moving back to the states right around that time. Getting a tiny Golden Retriever, and settling in to stateside life. The doc I found on Netflix is mostly in Sparkish. Looks to be a few episodes. Tiny type white font on the captions….yeah, it’s gonna take me a which to get through that.

Honestly, July 1994 probably would have been high school football camp coming out of what was probably one of the earliest MS flares I remember. I’d dropped to probably about 155 pounds. So going into football camp with a bunch of central-Pennsylvania boys worked well. They were much bigger and stronger than me, but I was slower, so it worked out awesomely.

Should I do the seemingly-common trope about how things were so much etter in teh 90s?


There was still a lot of things that really sucked.

Okay, I think I’ve gotten enough in for today. Time to go enjoy the day. Am I really giving thanks? Um. Maybe?

Eighteen (8/7)

Again. So incredibly busy.

There is a system I’m supposed to temporarily manage that’s required more that twenty (20) forms for access.

Are the lefthanded processes designed to prevent what happened — someone else taking responsiblity for the steaaming pileoutstanding legacy system?

Make. It. Through.

Writing is going to be interrupted here soon because the weather is about to get nasty here on the endge of the Beltway Swamp.

Flashback to 2018 because I guess there were bills I’d paid previously that the recepient company never cashed.

Um. How does Senator Tuna Melt keep getting re-eelcted?

Fantasy setup. Some bills paid. Looks like I might be able to get my money out of this scam I’d gotten embroiled with.

But I think I’m going to go grab a nap while the storm’s raging.


I am out of town. No, I don’t want to write about a lot of the particulars here. I will say that the American Airlines route between Reagan National and New Orleans is a great route.

I never thought I’d enjoy flying 737s and A319/320/321s, but, god, they’re so much better than the 2×2 CRJs and ERJs.

I’m actually curious whether I’d hate SkyGreyhoundSouthwest these days.

But being the handicapped guy flying First Class makes your trip a lot better. I really don’t know how they’d treat disabled access, either.

But Monday night before I left, things were rollicking more with the Reason and RFK Jr. controversy.

The reaction to what Liz Wolfe put out really hit on what’s wrong with the NeoHippie movement. The attraction with RFK Jr. makes more sense when you consider who they’re relying upon as their experts.

But it all starts to fit together. They loudly proclaim that they’ve been right about everything forever.

No, Jersey Dave, when you interview someone who’s a fucking nut, you don’t just leave it as an interview where you call the guest “great,” and leave it up for forever memorialization.

I don’t have a problem that you interviewed Nick Fuentes. As more things have come out, you can say that you completely disavow that person and don’t think they’re worth considering.

But, when you say that you’ve been right about everything forever, you can’t do that.

What Reason did was absolutely correct.

Wipe Your Grocery Bags

I watched this, and see where the attraction is coming from.

(And for full disclosure, I do subscript to Reason, and donate to the Reason Foundation…)

Tossing off random names rapid-fire is not an argument.

Someone who sounds somewhat knowledgeable, find the nugget that supports your priors, and stick with it.

Han shot first.

But I really disagree on the foreign policy ideas.

His standard is that if whatever action is not in America’s interest, America should not be involved.


If America can do something to help, it should.

Was the US wrong for helping the UN distribute food in Somalia?


There’s also sections of the interview that speak to my inclinations about laws and regulations — they should expire. All of them. Everything gets deleted eventually.

Reactive force is often justified, and there’s many times where it’s not in pursuit of some other goal.

So, while I understand the attraction a bit better, I still think he’s coming in from the lollypop guild.

Show Me Where I’m Wrong!!1!

People will, and do, but you interrupt them so readily that it’s impossible to see if you’ve even really considered the contradicting evidence presented.

But the NeoHips getting behind him might well further the fewer-than-Marrou tack the Mises people have taken with the LP.

And the NeoHips can continue telling the world that they’ve been right about everything all the time.

They Were Wrong

The experts in Libertarian Party’s Russia Caucus said:

  1. Russia wasn’t going to invade Ukraine
  2. Well, even with the invasion, it’d be over very quickly
  3. The oil disruptions, would result in the complete collapse of the “Petrodollar” because Russia will start selling its oil in other currencies

So, haven’t slept a ton, but Elon captured it well:

Elon’s take

As I write this a little after 0900EDT, they’ve taken the military headquarters where Russia was managing its efforts in Ukraine, and is headed towards Moscow.

The vaunted corporate press was really slow to start following things last night.

Cable News is dead, Jim.

Many of the primetime shows aren’t hitting 500K in-the-demo (so adults 25-54) with their primetime shows.

The chick on CNN who hosted the townhall with President Trump has similar career prospects to those who bought the correspondence course on TV repair around 1990. Or travel agents. Or Microsoft Exchange administrators. Or…

Things move on.

So might I, though not necessarily because I have no more useful skills. Medical things might justify heading towards private disability. Pffft.

Imma go see what I can see about what’s going on overseas. Will probablyend up flipping around channels….

Response w/out AI

Answering Mike’s concerns.

Bits inline….

I Wonder:

How would you cite an AI derived source? I can imagine my research methods professor saying that we couldn’t use that as a valid research tool. Something that would not be accepted as an academic source. In the early days of the digital age when we were both in college we could only use printed peer reviewed academic journal articles, magazine articles and other publications on microfiche. Only academic sources that we could put our hands on physically. Internet citations was a new thing and APA, MLA or the Chicago manual of style had not spelled out how to document a source from the world wide web. The internet was a “Brave New World” full of information that some in the academic world did not accept as valid or academic. Including my research methods professor. How would you cite an AI source if it pulled it’s answer from multiple sources to generate the answer? Will there be a custom url generated from that AI to copy and paste into the footnotes to direct you to their own sources of reference?

I think you’d cite similar to how you did early Intertubes articles. URL, date retrieved.

To add further support, I’d recommend making a copy (PDF? PNG?) That shows exactly what you saw as it was when you saw it.

In addition to the links being all broken when I link to soemthing like Twitter, I want something more permanent.

(Some of this is self-reflective since I periodically delete all of my Tweets. As I wrote recently, whatever I might have spat out years ago likely isn’t representative of how I behave or think now. Sorry Ms. SHRMP with your five-figure Federal student loans…)

AI has the potential to slowly erode the ability of future scholars to actually do the footwork and research of the subjects they are studying.

I generally agree. But that’s why you need to have something in mind before you turn to the AI to confirm your premises.

Will the questions the researcher asks the AI generate only a certain kind of response to reinforce the researchers world view of the subject?

Maybe? At the same time, it shows that hte researcher is actually thinking enough to ask relevant questions.

We already live in a world where academics and politicians only look to source material that reinforce the ideas they have or the ideas they want the general public to have. A person’s individual “bias” would have the researcher to use language in their questions to get a certain type of answer.

It’s not nice to pidgeon-hole MSNBC Viewers like that, Mike.

AI in the wrong hands would tend to make the general public more ignorant of the true state of the world and the issues we deal with today. All the while leaving everyone feeling empowered because they believe that AI has the power to present them with more information and a broader perspectives on the issues then they would be able to see left to their own devices. In reality the information presented would be to shape a certain view point and create a “group think” mentality that doesn’t have a clue or see the whole picture in the end. That would be by design of whoever controls the algorithm.

I see where you’re coming from. At the same time, I think you have to have a general idea where you’re going before you engage the tools. Then you use those tools to either help confirm your suspicions, or tell you that you’re full of shit.

I like it when someone proves me wrong about something, and helps me figure out where I was led astray.

But that’s not good for the dying media platforms.

So. Whatever.

This kinda fits with the controversy surrounding RFK Jr.’s potential debate on Rogan.

Whatever. I’m pretty confident that there’s not going to be anything worthwhile discussed.

So I just don’t listen. Whatever. /GenX

You Don’t Know

So many of my thoughts come back to something from Coach Mora.

I don’t know whether The ReOpening was good or not.

I guess it’s supposed to be something done in the style of The Office. Of course, I’d watched a few episodes of it, but the humor was largely lost on me.

Kind of the same thing with the special.

I have absolutely no idea. And I can’t really judge whether it did a good job in trying to capture the spirit of the inspiration.

I don’t like eggs. I couldn’t tell you which restaurants make a good omelet.

And even if there was a place that made one of the best ones around, I wouldn’t order it because I don’t like eating eggs.

Looking around on Twitter the day after, however, the response seems to be somewhat muted. I kind of expected to see rave reviews, just like the NeoHips’ rejoicing about The Debate. But I didn’t see that sort of adulation.

I think I’ve been trying to be better at thinking that sort of way.

If that makes me not part of the team, whatever. I can believe or not believe whatever I want.