Almost Missed

Writing on Saturday. I did miss the last two weeks. This was only partially intentionally, but it’s something I kind of was okay in avoiding.

I didn’t work yesterday, as I was about to exceed my hours for the pay period. With the Shmocon delay, it was even worse.

So coffee today didn’t happen until almost noon.

There’s football this afternoon, this evening, and tomorrow.

The Saints aren’t there. The For(mer)skins aren’t there, either. I’m really beyond the point of caring.

I can root against the Iggles, but that might be done pretty quickly.

So….bear down, and wait for the rescheduled Shmoocon.

Way behind on my podcast queue, too, as things have opened back up the past two weeks.

Didn’t get much last night with the HRGeeks Jitsi meeting last night. I started watching Don’t Look Up, but I didn’t have the energy to finish it. I did today, however, and, well, I get where they were going with it.

The concept was similar to my concern with the asset-backed currency folks. As I’ve said, with the predictable response of, “shut up math *(#,” the currency supply needs to increase at a predictable rate, in order for pretty much any sort of modern finance to work.

(And I get distracted looking whether charging an origination fee is okay with the Islamic prohibition on charging interest. I’m not finding a quick answer…)

I need to respond to an email. But I really don’t have the energy to really get into it.

Back At Again

I’ve never finished setting up the domain I snagged for “Notes of a Goon,” —

Considering the last episode, maybe I should give Harrington “”.

On a somewhat-related note, I’ve kind of narrowed-down what I’m going to do with my thing.

Start with three stories. What was said at the time it was reported? What was reported in the time in between, and what’s the latest news on the story?

I figure I can probably do roughly four minutes per story, which gives me some time for an intro, outro, and maybe a spot. *fingers crossed*

I’m still curious about whether I can make any money off of it. I think it might be an interesting way to supplement income after I stop working full-time. I am curious about what Michael Malice said about wiring a book.

But the OYR thing, I think, would probably be about three hours per episode doing everything myself. Obviously, folks who do a lot more opinion/entertainment-related shows probably don’t spend that much time, but I am going to do all the research, writing, and editing myself.

What else….

I’m doing some of my end-of-the-year donations. I do feel like of stingy with it, but I’m giving what I can at the moment. Maybe I shouldn’t wait until the crunch in December, but it is what it is. Who’s gotten money so far? Well, the charity gift thing my company is putting on, Reason, Cato….

I don’t know if I’m revisiting some of those, really, as a reaction to the nonsense with the LPMC fans.

They have nothing aside from their now-dated RON PAUL fascinations.

It’s not 2008.

It’s not 2012.

The Austrian school of economics is not right about everything.

I heard a longer description of what would happen if all currency was backed with real assets. While I appreciate the sentiments, there are so many things that are taken for granted in modern finance that would just completely go away.

One of the things that occurred to me the other day is that businesses run by Austrian School adherents should decline their employee compensation with predictable price deflation.

Yeah, we’re gonna drop your pay rate by 3% next year. It doesn’t matter if you kick ass performance-wise, everything you buy is going to be cheaper, so you’ll need less money.

Good luck finding people to work for you, Saint RON(pbuh).



In the wake of Epstein, the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, etc., you can see how things like the Comet Ping Pong story get a following.

I’m also not seeing the story I found on Wednesday or Thursday about how housing prices are pretty much at 2008-peak levels again.

Many people will be upset by this, but I can’t bring myself to be.


Completion. Another month of writing every day in November, and not shaving my upper lip is complete.

I did it, and I can move on to the next thing which is the attempt at a podcast.

But there’s an essential thing here, and one that I think I’ve been letting bother me lately.

I’ve made several mentions of how the Austrian School economists are now undertaking a very, well, totalitarian way of viewing everything under the sun. They’re getting to be as bad as the Randians, honestly.

You must have a currency based solely on precious metals. You must think that the business cycle theory is the be-all, end-all explanation for everything.

But, you know what? You can live your life the way you want, regardless of what the men with guns who are running the central banks want.

See Trevor Lawrence.

Buy what you want to buy, do what you want to do.

When people want men with guns to stop it, make them fucking say so. Down to the point where they have to shoot you for your noncompliance.

Bubuhbut Rothbard said!!1!

I admit that could have just as easily been Mises or RON PAUL(pbuh).

Yeah, it doesn’t matter. You do what you want to do, and don’t mess with other people’s stuff.

It’s really not that difficult.

And if you want to put me in jail over it, something the President and Vice President are very accomplished at doing, fine. Just say it, already.

Time to do December stuff. To whom do I want to give money this year? It is “Giving Tuesday,” after all.


Two more after today.

I’ve spent a lot of time the past eighteen-or-so hours digesting this.

I understand that he’s sleep-deprived. I’ve never formed babby, so I can’t empathize, but I can offer sympathy.

But none of the things he’s ranting about do anything to further what he says he’s about.

It’s part of the experiment in moving into official politics. There’s nothing at all there. Nothing.

But those people also thought that Scott Horton smoked Bill Krystol at the Soho forum debate. I was there. I wrote my take here. In the pre-debate voting I was undecided. After the debate, I voted for Krystol just because Horton had been so terrible. After further consideration, my initial take was correct, but mainly because of how poorly the question was worded.

But, no, it wasn’t as cut-and-dried as Dave makes it out to be.

That he speaks as if he’s a fucking elder statesman of the Liberty movement is incredibly grating.

My initial objection to him as the Presidential nominee is that he’s not accustom to signing others’ paychecks. My latest objection is that he doesn’t write anything, ever. Though he does say that he could have written someone else’s part on a TV show.

Do it.

(I’ve got serious doubts about whether you actually can.)

The FNC and CNN audiences are 65-dead. The MSNBC audience is 55-64.

Who gives a flying fuck that a Neocon resigned because of a Tucker Carlson special?

Meanwhile, people are losing their livelihoods because of what government’s done with regard to vaccinations and lockdowns.

But something George W. Bush did in 2001 is front of your mind.

Elder statesman. Got it. *click* That’ll be the last time I listen for a while.

Fifth Saturday

Yeah, that’s today. I’m prepping for a medical procedure on Monday, and wishing I could go to the Sayulita Super-spreader event. Money isn’t an issue for a change. My cantankerous body, and my employment, on the other hand, are.

Oh well. There’s going to be a lot of things I need to do before the end of the year, still, but I’m ummm…optimistic, maybe? There’s a resignation that’s come across. Do what you will; I don’t care. To paraphrase Ray Lewis, I’m a Machine. You can’t hurt me.

I’m supposed to finally get my next infusion five days late at the new site. It’s jumbled my schedule for getting a flu shot, but I’ll deal. I still haven’t gotten my reimbursement from what I paid last year, either. See the first ¶.

I am a bit disappointed that when I catch the dreaded COVID, I won’t die, but probably also won’t be able to get any sizzurp.

Trying to figure out when, exactly, I should start the writing on Monday. I think I’ll probably do it early. I have3 to be at the hospital at 0800, and I’ll be under sedation, so writing later in the evening probably isn’t going to happen.

We’ll see.

Until the kickoff, I’m away…..

What’s Old Is New

Rather uneventful week, thankfully.

I don’t know what to do, really.

I do have some more ideas, thankfully, that might work well.

We’re still looking at buying a house. This is in spite of bad news coming out about where the housing market’s probably headed.

I’m hoping we can get to the point where we’ll be able to almost pay cash for somewhere.

Maybe I’ll be at the point where I can just pay outright, and not have to really worry about a lot.

I need to figure out what to write about next month. I’m also curious what I wrote about, if I wrote, during my first trip after leaving radio.

Oh Bother

Me, that is.

I have two things I need to write about.

I really meant to write about this (Voluntary Vixens Ep. 96) late last week, but I forgot. I guess my initial take is along the lines of where I am with so many other things lately.

People get so accustomed to preparing (for anything!) one way that they don’t take into account changes that’ve happened in the world.

The Emergency Preparedness information is certainly familiar to me. It sounds like my youth background is very similar in terms of the Boy Scouts.

But things have changed.

The US Army deactivated its last MASH unit in 2006.

There’s no need to do a ton of things in the field anymore. If shit really goes down, they get you to a place where you can be cared for away from the imminent danger.

The US just pulled out of Afghanistan after twenty years. If a servicemember was injured in the field there, he/she would be stabilized for helo transport to a place that’d be acceptable for transport to a full hospital somewhere else.

The corporate press here combined information from the first Gulf War in 1991 with the modern wars’ statistics.

We’re pretty damned good of keeping track of people these days. If someone is hurt or killed, they’re not just left on the battlefield like they were previously.

What I’m saying with the emergency preparedness efforts is: understand what modern tools entail. I traveled to NYC earlier this week. I had two credit cards, a debit card, my paratransit card, a $20 bill, and a phone. When I got back to DC the next day, I had the same.

Did I ever want for something that would have been in the gargantuan wallet I used to carry? No. Would that have been the same in 2005? No.

Out of curiosity, I decided to search back, and see if I’d mentioned Bob Zubrin here before. Yes. July 2014. What he was writing about was his inspiration for Martian exploration based on the historical examples from polar exploration.

You have to go light, and you have to be able to move. If there’s something you need along the way, you can probably find it if you look around.

This is almost antithetical to the ultra-prepared crowd.

Will you be able to get somewhere safe? Almost certainly. So unless there’s something you will die without, pick it up along the way.

It’s very difficult to communicate this sort of thinking.

Now I should write about the trip and the debate.

First, I did not carry my vaccine card with me. No, you don’t need to scan my card. Sorry. You can see a photo of it in my phone unlockable to anyone who doesn’t have my thumbprint. If they hadn’t let me in, I probably would have disputed all the charges for the trip with my credit card company.

But they were satisfied, so it was a non-issue.

As for the debate, itself, I registered my vote as undecided at the outset. As I wrote Saturday, I really was.

As a refresher, the resolution was: A willingness to intervene, and to seek regime change, is key to an American foreign policy that benefits America.

Despite a couple of notable questionable assertations, the neocon of all neocons cleaned the floor with Horton.

While Krystol didn’t really do a ton to support it, he did spell out some instances of American intervention that have benefitted humanity.

As my friend and I discussed later, were Grenada and Panama really black eyes for America? Did either really talk about those? No.

I was also thinking about where we didn’t even do the bare minimum, to loan Bradley Fighting Vehicles to end the slaughter in Rwanda.

The default position should be one of non-intervention

But can positive things come from military action? Absolutely.

I think a lot of that would be short of regime change.

Neither of them really argued to that. Horton was digging up things completely irrelevant to, well, anything.

I get earwormed by Duran-Duran’s “The Reflex” when I hear him speak about the Middle East; he’s reflexively pro-Shiite.

On balance, is the world a better place because the Shah was removed?

I don’t think so.

I’ve volunteered to discuss it with a few podcasters I frequently consume. We’ll see if any of them take me up on it.


Going to hit the wayback machine to revisit what will be five years ago in November.

Halftime. When was/will be the halftime of your life?

This was a rather dark prompt now that I look at it again.

Do I think I’m past the halfway point? I don’t know. Am I there in other aspects of my life? Yes. My professional career? Yep. This particular job? Certainly.

On so many things I ask myself why I continue on. Maybe NoJoMo should be one of those.

I will probably write next year; I don’t just quit, even when I have good reason to. I’m a Saints’ fan, so I’m watching Buddy Ryan Jr.-B’s defense get a good start on serving up the fortyburger in FedEx Field……

So, a bit of freewriting as the Redskins score, what am I looking forward to the next few few months?

  1. Thanksgiving. For the first time in a very long time, I think I will be able to actually enjoy eating this year. Actually being hungry for the first time in almost twenty years is something new.
  2. Travel. My wife and I are planning a trip, and I’m excited about that. The only details I’ll reveal are that French food will be consumed.

That jewelry commercial was more than a little hetero-normative……

Listening to this, and nodding vigorously.

Difficult to know what the halftime of my life is, really. If I’m only in the third quarter,

And if it’s very late, I don’t really care. I’ve done what I can do.

Going to fail the segue on this, too, but it’s a big like I feel about so many things.

Yesterday I was more than a little upset that the corporate press wasn’t covering an earthquake in Haiti.

I don’t even know.

I’m going to finish this streak, then try to get through until…..


I didn’t have a prompt for this one, so I’m going to repeat something from November 2015.

The prompt, then, was actually from the sixth; the fifth didn’t really fit, here.

Nov. 6, 2015, midnight

What are your plans for this weekend?

I have a virtual event on Friday night, then I’m going to see a comedy show Sunday.

Otherwise, no idea.

What I wished for in that entry, however, was just some time to relax. I’m kinda there right now, actually.

I’m sortakinda off on Monday. I’ll hop on for our normal team meeting, then I have my Monday night maintenance window.

Maybe I’ll get motivation to do more with these mailing lists…..


Getting some feedback on OD about my last two entries.

Yes, I don’t think the way a lot of people do. Understood. But I do aim for consistency, adherence to underlying principles.

Maybe my life would be easier if I played for “one of the two” political teams. Sorry, I can’t do that.

I only can do what ultimately makes me feel comfortable.

I also admit that I can make incorrect pronouncements; I’m willing to hear other arguments if they’re well thought-out.

Very little of what I’m seeing with what’s happening in DC today points to that, however.

The Machiavellian curiosity is just about how corrupt the folks in the “mainstream” are when it comes to exercising power.

Maybe it’d be better to ask directly, firmly, what do you think it’s always unacceptable for government to do?

The news cycle is moving so incredibly quickly. I know, I know, it’s dangerous that I get my news from multiple sources, Chuck Todd, but I am paying attention to what’s happening in New York because I’m supposed to go up there in October.

Their wonderful mayor was touting some new vaccine passport yesterday that’ll allow you entry to bars/restaurants/clubs/etc.. This afternoon/evening, there’s been a full backpeddle from some of his political allies.

Like the mayor of Boston. Hm. How’s that work, now?

We’re finished. You failed. Move on to something different.

Meanwhile, I’ll cross my fingers, and hope that there’s no issues with my trip to NYC in October. And DC this weekend.