Just Nothing There

Watching bits and pieces of the Libertarian National Convention on C-SPAN.

RFK Jr. and Vivek spoke yesterday. President Trump is going to speak today.

Congratulations. You might have successfully submitted me as a non-voter for each of them.

Not that it’s going to really matter in Virginia where the party dissolved after the Edgelords took over the Party.

I live in the same ZIP code as the national party, and I kind expect whoever they nominate won’t be on the ballot.

It’s dead, Jim. Just like the 1970s and 1980s AntiWar screeds that inspire the assemblage.

Speaking to my wife some over the past few days, though, I continue to come back to the fact that I really do have some radical views.

But they’re not the stupid stuff what keeps betting thrown around by the conventioneers.

I also keep thinking about different ways to accomplish the same things I would like to say, but do it in a different way.

I still consume a lot of CATO content. The Jone Act isn’t needed anymore. So don’t just repeal that. Repeal every single law. Amazingly, all hte regulations that tie to those laws go away, oto.

This sort of thinking really discombobulates the Libertarians, too. Instead of starting with a clean sheet of paper, they just repeal portions they’ve decided they no lon ger like.

Just nothing there.