Wake Up

Background music that came to mind as I barfed out a title. Wow the guitar arrangements on that are incredible. Things you miss when you listen with kinda shitty audio.

One of my doctors does video appointments wearing EarPods. There’s background noises I notice that the buds filter out, but are captured by the compute mic that goes along with the video.

I don’t know how I’d operate. I do multitask with audio. I can pay attention to more than one sound source at once. I don’t know. I’m just so accustomed to really training my focus on things like lyrics.

Years of driving around in a soft top Jeep with only 4×6 dash speakers will do that to you.

What sort of sound would Rat have been cranking in his sister’s ride?

(Random aside: I recommend Video Killed The Radio Star for resting earphones/speakers…)

I also seem to have lost a bunch of my comments. Not that I get many anymore, but…

Back to what I was talking about

I did get notice of my absence somewhere. I could say that I appreciate it, but whatever. Things get weird, and I GTFO. It’s how I operate.

But I guess me leaving on my own accord is better than getting bounced because you don’t perfectly fit a particular line of thinking.

The stories about the Randroids’ slavish adherence is fascinating.

I have agreed with him on many of his economic take. I disagree with him on the NeoHippie take about NATO expansion.

But he’s cancelled because he doesn’t take kindly to what Hamas did to Israel.

Um. Okay. Whatever. You’ve found your way back to the small part of my attention that you so well occupied for about fifteen years.

And I seem to have lost a bunch of my comments. Hmph.