Ophelia Buts

I think the kids’ joke punchline is “Ophelia Butts”

It’s a gray day with lots of drippage action here in one of the bluest cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia (and it’s been that way since the Yankee oppressors evacuated in the 1870s).

A bit odd watching places I used to frequent in Norfolk being covered by national reporters. Though the locaal stationss down theer have been remarkably quiet, I’m sur that Lake WAVY in P-Town hahs reappeared.

With that, detour to check IG.


Another week in the books, largely spent alone with my wife away.]

The week started rather ingloriously. Last week, and most of the week, I was having some pretty significant pain in midsection. Lower left love handle, back, and so on.

You’re short of breath/Is It a Heart Attack?

So I got through the work day, and went to the urgent care clinic here in town.

Nope, not having a heart attack, but do I have diverticulitis?

They need to do a CT scan, which they can’t do in the urgent care clinic, so off to the ER in DC.

Got to the ER at like 6p. Triaged, heart and lungs sound okay, off to somewhere where they could attend to other people more critical.

Is an MS flare? No, I don’ think so. Reaction to Keysimpta?

Probably not.

I finally, after several other tests I finally saw a doctor.

At about 2a, after I expressed my desire to leave, a doctor finally saw me.

Missed both Monday Night Football games, including the Saints.

I. Need. A. Break.

The doctor wrote me a get-out-of-work note that’s good through the date of my next appointment with my PCP.

Did I take time off?

Of course I didn’t. I made my 1100 meeting on Tuesday, and worked pretty much regular hours the rest of the week.

Why? Because I am so incredibly busy trying to tie up responsibilities at work.

There’s so many places where people are just accustomed to operating one way, and have no idea why things are done that way.

Way too much ibuprofen this week dealing with the pain, but, I think it’s kind of subsided this morning, at least.

Lots of time spent actually listening to music this week. I’d stumbled across a story that Liz Phair is going to tour, and play stuff from, Exile in Guyville, on its thirtieth anniversary.

Show in DC? Yep. Would I forgive the venue who’s management company had engaged in some of the worst COVID excesses?



Yeah, okay. I’ll go, but I’m not planning to pay for anything other than the ticket , itself. Beer? Nah, I’m good. You did what you did, and I’m not ready to forgive.

But it’s a choice I made. Any action you take against a company or another individual might cause you some discomfort, inconvenience, but it’s a choice you made.

No, it’s better to force people to behave in the way you see fit, and you should never face any problems for your choice.

There should be a law….

No, you really don’t like something that someone else is doing, you have to remove yourself. You can, and have to, leave.

Libya — The Anarchists’ Paradise

Thumbing through news in between NFL games. Really not looking forward to going to the office this week. Supposedly my access issues have been resolved so I can, you know, actually get to where I’m supposed to work without needing help.

Not going to delve too deeply into that for lots of reasons. But the entire situation has negatively affected my health pretty significantly. So maybe a trip into the District sometime this week to see my PCP.

I should not feel like this.

But, for the people who are constantly reminding people how they’ve been right about everything all the time, and claim to be in favor of fractured government, or complete absence of government, I present Libya.

Libya really hasn’t had a functioning government since the Obama Administration quietly affirmed the Muslim Brotherhood’s overthrow of Gaddafi.

There’s not been a functioning government, or even a series of cooperating governments in a while.

Then there’s a storm, and you get this.

While COVID showed how government can be overbearing and ineffective, Libya shows how its absence can ensure that many people die.

Good job, Secretary Clinton.

Would this many people be dead if there was even a minimal government organizing?

I’ve often said that government is really good at two things: breaking things, and killing people.

But since it is good at the latter, it can take minor steps to prevent it.

But Do You Leave?

Kind of something I written about a lot.

I’m thinking at his point, even if you consider someone a pleasant acquaintance, it’s better to just leave. When you’re sick of something, just go away, quietly.

Incredibly long week. Incredibly hot for September, too, which is not good for me.

Don’t Say anything, just leave.

Oh well.

Incredibly busy period of time this past week.

I actually sent an email at work that pointed to make sure your boots are shined before you criticize someone else’s shine job.

Some of it is the sorts of precautions people are taking in the name of cybersecurity.

We do this terribly ineffective thing because it makes things more securre.

Kind of fits in with the COVID things; people still wearing masks even when there’s ample evidence that they don’t work, and didn’t do anything to fix the pandemic.

But makes ME feel better.

Um. Okay.

I just don’t want to have anything to do with you if you think that.

Saturday, again

Jimmy Buffett has died. (For future reference if the link breaks, this is to the NY Post story I saw bout it after seeing his name trending on TwitterX)

For most people, this is a bit of a sad celebrity aside.

For me, however, it’s bringing up all sorts of thoughts, primarily, “should I try to tell my mother about this?”

This is the day after I bought tickets for my wife and I to travel down to Biloxi to see her later this year. She’s in memory care. When I can get in touch with her, it’s never a sure thing that there’ll be a coherent conversation.

There are periods of lucidity, but most of the time, if a conversation starts, it goes nowhere quickly.

So, why would this have been important to me (and her)?

My parents followed his career, and were fans. They’d started following him as he’d peek in to his, alma mater, The University of Southern Mississippi. My dad was there 1969-73. My mother was in and out as her husband was off doing things in the Army as one of the last class of Lieutenant Dans for Vietnam. (He was in Infantry Officer Basic at Fort BenningMoore when the Paris Peace Accords were signed. (His Infantry Battalion was quickly rerouted to Okinawa with the end of hostilities. This also relates back to something my cousin and I were discussing, as he wants to meet up with my wife and I when we come down this fall. I have a strong suspicion that the Po’boy shop near his house is named for a guy who purportedly called my dad a draft dodger because he went to college to be an officer instead of enlisting. My dad wanted to be like his grandfather, who’d been an Army officer during World War I.)

My dad ended up spend nearly the next quarter-century on active duty as an Army officer. I have memories of Jimmy Buffett tapes coming through tinny speakers.

My mother got on a plane for the first time in 1973 to join her fresh 2LT husband in Okinawa after the redirection.

He’s now in Arlington. She’s back in memory care in Mississippi.

Do I even bother to try and tell her about it?

I really don’t know.

The music and lifestyle with which he made a name for himself really aren’t my cup of (“tea” would be in appropriate, so put in whichever boat drink you like…).

Though there were mentions in earlier parts of his career, I didn’t care much for the Marijuana references. I still have never smoked weed, despite my time in broadcast, and having MS!)

So a puzzling day two of what should have been a four-day weekend for me. Fair winds and following sea to Mr. Buffett. I want some coffee.

Abandonment To Authority

One of the things I’ve been kicking around today is where, logically, an appeal to authority who can use force falls. It’s not completely the logical Argument From Authority, but appeal to someone else who can do something, forcefully, bad to you.

I am really guilty of this, professionally; we can’t do what you’re trying to do because $rule.

In the political context, however, I think there’s something further. You think X should be a violation of Y law.

What do you want the enforcers to do about it?

Carry it through to the ultimate conclusion.

You’ve snitched; you’ve called the cops, now what do you think the cops should do?

I’m wondering if taking that sort of response is really a bad tack….


After a week off, I’m back to doing what I do on the weekend. Pretty much. I’m on puppy duty after an unspeakably long Friday.

It’s a situation where I’ve been handed something that, yes, I’ve done in hte past, but I really don’t have a good idea what’s going on, and my physical limitations are really negatively affecting my performance.

Maybe I’ll be better when I head there next week to try again. Maybe I’ll have more energy because I won’t have been trapsing around a very notable NoVA landmark.

Navigating that place is difficult for healthy people. For someone with the various malaise I have, it’s damned near impossible.

Even moreso when the neat indices are flirting with triple digits.

Thankfully, Remy, who’s written artfully about the Metro, perfectly-encapsulated the mood among the rich men North of Richmond.

I think I got the WMATA short bus stuff figured out again. Need to have some more papers filled, and probably go into the District for an are-you-really-disabled exam.

Am I Sofa King done? *shrug*

I’ll keep trying until I can’t anymore.

Kind of how I roll. Always has been. But, legitimately, I’m near the end. A bit depressing?


Have I been listening to Exile In Guyville for unknown reasons? Yep.

A lot of the thinking this morning is flavored by the latest WTF episode. Don’t wanna hear what I have to say? Okay. I’m going to keep doing and thinking what I want. I can leave.

But I am tired, and having vague flashes of dread about the full dose of the medication Tuesday.

Do I alter my plans to potentially accommodate a negative reaction?

I don’t know.

And worrying about it isn’t going to do me much good.

So, while I’m responsible for the dog the next couple of days, I’m going to try to enjoy that as much as I can.

And I guess we’ll see how the week plays out.

Thirty-one (8/20)

Time to wrap up.

Once again didn’t sleep well thinking about what the company’s done to me with its wise policy update (to a policy they haven’t finished, but it’s happeneing 1 September).

I should not be feeling this way.

It’s unfair.

I wish there was a better way to describe it, but that’s about all I can come up with.

To really needle their self-styled progressive nerves, the new policy actually does steal equity from me.

I could spend a ton of time really dwelling on it, but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to try to enjoy my couple days off.

Interesting back-and-forth over SMS with someone I’ve had fleeting interactions. He was from the town neighboring where my parents retired, and our mothers worked together at a couple of elementary schools.

He’s doing okay in hte midst of his divorce from an acquaintance of my iwfe an mine….odd situ.

A bit of amazement at my yet-to-be-finalized investment idea.

But it was nice to get some positive feedback.

But another summer compulsive streak in “the books.”

Am I spreading my weird burbles across the Intertubes to be preserved for posterity?

Or should i buy one of the Selectric IIIs I was looking at yesterday after writing that entry….?

I don’t really have a place to put it.

Thirty (8/19)

Privatized yesterday’s entry on the public blog. Given the number of people reading, I’m not really worried. No, I’m not going to make the OD cross-post private.

Still trying to figure out next steps on that.

Keep going back to maximum effect for the drones; you’ve stolen my equity already, now you’re stealing part of what I bargained for taking the job.

(And Microsoft’s in-browser checking doesn’t like the double-space after the semicolon. I think I’ve written about it before, but I learned to type on an IBM Selectirc III. The teacher for the class also taught Shorthand I kinda begged my parents to buy one of the typewriters the school district was selling off after they transitioned to keyboarding, but… Two spaces between sentences! Space prepending digits in lists so they line up!)

One more day of this

I think it’s showing to myself that I can keep at at something.

But which things do I want to do?

Without your knowledge, a customer rep keeps you on hold for half a day as a part of her company’s study to see how much you can take.

This actually made me chuckle. A not-insignificant part of my time is spent doing this sort of thing.

The med school students have me doing some years=long study about my condition. I really don’t anticipate there being a problem. Anything I can do to help, I will.

My intention when I first went to Georgetown in whatever it was, 2016, maybe, that I was throwing myself to them in the hopes they could use me to further research to deal with this disease.

I will be forever grateful to the docs who’ve treated me there.

That kind of feeds into the issues at work. I appreciate that you think it’s important for people to live “whole lives.”

I can’t enjoy many of the things that I would be typically expected to enjoy. There’s not a ton of things I really do enjoy at this point. If you cared, you might handle me with kid gloves?

I’m wondering what’s up with some of the headlines Microsoft is pushing my way. Maybe too much The Fifth Column attention, but what the hell is with these stories where they don’t get into the things contained in the headline until ¶ ten?

Or show the photograph of a player who really has no relevance to the team anymore?

One of the many things I fail to understand.

I should go get some coffee, and decide what I should capture in the last entry tomorrow.

Twenty-eight (8/17)

Another terribly long day.

Not really sure what I can say aside form the fact that humidity has creeped back in in NoVA.

My diaphragm really does not work well when it’s hot. Same goes with what little bit of my vision is left.

I thank the coworker who gave me a ride, as the busses and Metro shop aren’t really close.

A key is missing on your keyboard

I don’t have any missing off this keyboard. But there’s several where the lettering is gone. Thans, EMACS!!1! C-x C-s.

Am dreading cheerleader-led pep rally tomorrow telling me that I really don’t have any vacation anymore.

Why am I still doing this?

Because that’s what I do.

Just like writing in streaks.

I looked back to a few summers ago to see what I’d written about then. The year I checked, I actually didn’t have an entry for this date.

So what happened this day?

Lots of stuff about old Christian churches.

They were good about keeping records.

You know who else was good at keeping records? /Godwin

Another day of this week. I’d planned on not working Monday, but I may have to repeat my somewhat-futile task of today. We’ll see.

Twenty-seven (8/16)

Another insane day. Tomorrow will be similarly strange. I had a nightmare last night about not being able to do what’s been asked of me.

There’s things I’ve gotta remember, and I’m nervous that I won’t do everything correctly. Some of this is stemming from some of this stuff being so distant from what I’ve done recently.

But I’m okay. Comfortable, even. I’ve gone through so much, and….whatever happens, I’m okay.

Pecans, Peanuts and Pistachios.

Um. Do I have to pick just one?

But it goes along with a Tweetpost I was pondering the past few hours…\

Hm. Rotkohl.

I’ve also been thinking lately about greens — collards, mustard, turnip.

Fried okra.


I would like to cook something. But what?

Once things settle down a bit, I think I’m going to do that.

Maybe part of the reason I do things like these writing binges is the sense of completion that comes towards the end. Do I crave it? Maybe.

I think that’s probably a big part of the NoJoMo process.

Who knows?