Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Not going to really elaborate on what’s going on, but I’m not in my normal place this morning.

I still stand by what I last wrote; I think the party in power deserves full credit for the impending problems.

That an ActBlue donor might have disrupted that yesterday doesn’t do a lot to change my take.

You broke it, you bought it.

The shooter was twenty years old, and a registered Republican. I don’t know a ton about the politics in Western Pennsylvania, but it might be a case of you really need to be a member of the dominant party to vote in the party’s primary. I live in a city in Virginia that’s been Blue since the Northern Aggressors left in 1877. All of the local elections are basically the Democrat Primary.

But rest assured I’m going to look askance at you if I know you ever donated a penny to ActBlue.

Repeating Vignettes

After seeing more political bits:

  • The government is too big to fail

This was a big SCOTUS ruling at the end of last week after the President’s epic debate performance. The decision overturning “Chevron Deference.”

So much of what happened under Obama and Trump was based on the idea that the regulatory agencies can make whatever rule they wan;t. the bureaucrats are the experts.

I really wonder how much of the out-of-control Federal spending is directly-related to agencies spending stolen money to enforce whatever expert rules they crafted. The experts say you can’t have a gas stove. It is, after all, bad for children’s health, AND it belches carbon into Gaia’s atmosphere.

I really don’t know how much of the agencies’ budgets are dedicated to enforcement of whatever regulations THE EXPERTS have invented.

I know, I know, I haven’t bought the credentials to question their conclusions. Moreover, how dare I think that everything should expire at some point?

Are you an anti-government extremist?

Given my very-skeptical past with religion, being called a “Christian Nationalist” doesn’t really work, either.

  • You broke it, you bought it

Despite many accusations from extended friends and family, I never voted for President Trump. Not once. The only time it’s ever really crossed my mind was following the conviction in Alvin Bragg’s show trial in Manhattan. That almost made me forget his deranged speech to the LP National Convention.

There really isn’t anything there worth considering, though. Even that absolute miscarriage of the legal system might well be tainted by inclusion of testimony protected by Presidential immunity. Credit to the Al Frankel network for hitting on this.

I don’t know what evidence, exactly, was presented at trial, but if any of it was actually protected by EP, the verdict has to be vacated. There’s still disagreement about this. I do think the interpretation the New York statute probably conflicts I kind of suspect that a non-unanimous verdict is at odds with Ramos, but, again, it’ll have to snake through years of appeals before we’ll ever know.

The inflation in prices should be expected. Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden have absolutely exploded spending based on interest rates that don’t even cover, you know, food, fuel, housing, and equities.

Spending, since Y2K, has massively outpaced tax revenues.

It has to stop; the math just doesn’t work. Boomer largesse is coming to its messy end.

So, I support Biden and/or Harris. They’re responsible for this, and I’d rather see them in office as at all collapses. Yes, it might be easier to blame Trump, but there’s thirty years’-worth of politicians who deserve the scorn.

Might as well be Joe.

It’s not like there’s anyone with voting for from the LP.

Book Recommendation

Something my brother said I should listen to. What following is a redacted bit that I’d sent my work colleagues:

instead of doing what I planned for this weekend, I got the audio book version of that.  (Instead of doing what my original intention was….and finally fulfilling my nerd requirements of the various Star Wars movies…)

Interesting. I have a college friend who worked at 18F, now USGS, after a stint at Google. I absolutely agree with her takeaways on the tech, but I do disagree with some of her conclusions.  (My friend is now at Apple, having tired of the DC climate, and the annoyances of working in government…)


I do recommend the book, even if I don’t entirely agree with some of her priors.

Memory Care Saturday

I started writing something about the “debate” on Thursday, but kept getting sidetracked. I took yesterday off, but really couldn’t focus on much.

So, what did I end up doing after listening to the endless reactions?

Trying, again, to work through the various Star Wars things on Hulu before I look to toss that to the side as under=used.

Of course, a lot of this was flavored by South Park.

Lame and Gay

I think I got about 90 minutes into The Phantom Menace before my wife came home, and I went on to other things.

The Bear is back, so I guess I’ll watch that, too.

Keep getting interrupted, too, by my wheezing equipment.

Do I need to be able to switch among so many systems?


Own PC, work PC one, work PC two, various personal laptops…..

Take your own damn advice, dude, and just spend the money to get something that works well.


So, the debate…

I took Friday off not because of the debate Thursday night, but it was a nice happenstance.

I really don’t have words.

The President was nearly as incomprehensible at times as my mother can be, and, well, Trump was Trump.

That there’s not a Libertarian on the ballot, kind of takes that option off the plate.

I actually sent Liz a personal email after reading this to say “thank you.”

Absolute disaster.

While I don’t think they’re going to reach the Mises Caucus’s goal of garnering fewer votes than Andre Marrou got in 1992, just with the growth in the US population, watching the immolation is simultaneously dismaying adn satisfying.

Bummer of the weekend was Martin Mull‘s death. I was tempted to tweetpost that he’s in a batter place, maybe he’ll see Jim Brown, but then I remembered that he was one of the steadfast atheists in hollywood.

I absolutely respect that. I don’t share the same respect for agnostics. You can make a determination on the evidence you’ve collected. If later you change your conclusion, that’s fine. But YOU have the ability ot make a pronouncement.

Unwillingness to make a pronouncement shows me one thing. I will keep that to myself, but understand that I do judge you based on that.

I could write for hours, but I need to go take this month’s shot.

Eschewing Schadenfreude

I will guiltily admit that my initial reaction to Hunter Biden’s conviction on gun charges related to his drug use.

Cue the Nelson Ha-Ha!

Cynically, I could say that this is a travesty of justice, robbing children of their father, and depriving the world of his work as an artist.

What did he do? He liked about being addicted to drugs.

What did that law intend to prevent? Crack-whacked maniac from opening up with a gun on innocent people.

The sort of thing that his dad made a political career fighting agains.

Guns are bad, but everything’s worse when the person with the gun is taking illegal drugs.

But turn it around.

How many people has this background check saved preventing people from executing their constitutional right to have a firearm?

You, Mister Politician, claimed that this would prevent something. Provide a few examples of specific instances where it worked as intended.

Similarly, what is the age of the law upon which he was convicted. That Hunter didn’t have something making the penalty stronger?

The Brady Bill expired for a reason. Every single law should expire. Unless a law is explicitly to protect life, liberty, or property, it should expire.

The same goes for the regulations tracing to those laws.

But I’m not going to be worried about Hunter having a pistol. I’m also not going to worry about him smoking crack.

But, it’s important to know, that his dad is proud of him.

Reflect At The End

Incredibly busy week. Early in the week. In addition to new fires to fight at work, I went to a physical therapy appointment.

It was with a doc from the same med group that includes Georgetown. Try and stay in-network as much as possible, and this was branded as from that group. great.

Paratransit out wasn’t a real big deal, but I got there very early because of the way that they schedule the rides. The appointment went well enough, I suppose. The therapist was very nice, and I was looking forward to the prospect of working with her.

When I set up the appointment, it looked like it was gonna be ten bucks per session. So, ten for the time there, and whatever it’s going to cost me to get to and from.

Towards the end of the appointment, the administrator came in and said that, no, it wouldn’t be ten bucks, but forty.

Still doable. Rides would add another ten, but whatever. They do have late-in0the-day appointments.

No, she wants to do twice-per-week. Fine. Whatever. I’ll do it. I want to live a bit more like a normal person. Agree to a preliminary schedule, and set out for home, which took nearly two hours.


Yeah, this probably isn’t going to work.


Okay, there’s this other place that’s close. Like if the weather is okay for me, or just about any day for a normal person, it’s walkable. I should be able to swing an hour session without too much trouble, and not miss too much work.

the therapist for this one is a Tidewater girl. York Co. K-12. ODU for undergrad. It’s close enough that my wife can get me there most days.

Still expensive, but I guess I’m ready to go.

She recommended the type of cane I should get next, and recommended a walker. Um.

I’d pushed back on the walker so long as I’m working. Want me with a walker, or in a chair? Okay. then I’m finished working.

I could hang it up pretty much anytime I choose, but I think I still have a few things I can do.

Still thinking of what’s transpired with the politics stuff. The Mises-fied LP candidate could be someone I hold my nose and vote for if it looks like the Duopoly have the Commonwealth locked-up. (“Locked-up” is a phrase both the President and Vice President really, really, really like….)

A couple of Honestly episodes really got me, too.

The first being the interview with Javier Milei.

The second was with A.H. Ali.

Both of those really hammer home how incredibly wrong the NeoHippies are about a number of issues.

Maybe one of Rechtenwald’s gummies would make me feel better.

What’s With That?

The last entry was prompted in the fallout from the LP’s debacle last weekend in DC.

The Mises Caucus broke the party, and ended up with a candidate I’m not sure I’d support. Their chosen candidate, on the other hand, is someone in whom I have even less confidence.

But he ate an edible before an important interview.

But the Mises Caucus was going to prevent another What Is Aleppo moment?

What Is Aleppo?

Jersey Dave Smith pulled his best Eric Cartman after this guy didn’t win.

I quit

All I can think of is Eric Cartman.


I don’t do that. I just leave.

I readded something I’d cut off Tuesday. Bits worthwhile on Wednesday, but there’s been little content since. Licking wounds, perhaps, but I’m wondering if I made a mistake heading back.

At the same time, I’ve spent more money on a not-so-good dinner.

When I cut stuff off, I fell deeper into The Fifth Column.

Michael Moynihan had a good column on the fall of Vice News.

I did subscribe to TheFP. Gonna guess that they don’t have the sort of HR infrastructure that destroyed Vice.

I absolutely promise that the next time I take my mandatory HR trainings. I think they now take something like twelve hours, now, to complete.

I am a bit of an outlier on the DEI spectrum, and I’m also, you know, disabled.

It took me a few minutes to remember the other thing I wanted to write about. The background noise of a radio show/podcast brought it back to mind.

The Trump conviction. His speech at the LP Convention really pushed him into the never-going-to-support category.

Remember when the phone call was treason?

Since they can’t execute him, use everything under sun to prevent him being elected again.

Is it enough to make me vote for him? Still, almost certainly not, but this is a really bad move.

Ready To Forgive?

Follow-up to last.

I spent a lot of the day yesterday watching the shitshow that was the LP Convention.

I’m happy the NeoHippies’ preferred candidates lost.

Chase Oliver ended up eking the nomination by the skin of his teeth. I was blocked in TwiX by the Mises Caucus party chair for saying that she’d embraced the Edgelords who “took over” the party.

There are some absolutely miserable people there. Monarchists, Anti-Smitties, Fundamentalist Catholics, etc..

Maybe this hit a little too close to home. Who knows?

The loss of control of the party’s TwiX account. The misguided Rage Against The War Machine rally in DC. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The dissolution of LPVA. the excision of certain planks in the Party’s platform that some find very important. What happened with the Arizona Senate race in 2022. The collapse of the almighty Petrodollar.

There’s been so many places where they’ve been completely wrong.

So, they go to have their first convention to nominate a Presidential candidate since the “Take Over.” The Edgelords’ preferred candidate won a small plurality in early rounds of voting, but could never reach a majority of the delegates to actually win the nomination.

In the sixth round, where Dr. Jorgenson won in 2020, Rectenwald was eliminated, but Oliver didn’t garner the required majority to win.

So. On to Round Seven. Oliver finally collected the required majority over “None of the Above.”

Is it because he’s a “left-Libertarian?” This is the guy who saw Raphael Warnock be re-elected over the Trump-backed Herschel Walker.

Oliver was a Democrat in his early political life. But he’s full-on NeoHippie at this point when it comes to war. But, being stupidly-AntiWar, he had trouble wrapping up a majority of the delegates. Could it be because the Misessians embraced the homophobes? Unpossible.

He’s right on some issues, of course, but completely wrong on several others. That he’s okay with Palestine and Russia confuses the hell out of me.

You’re not supposed to notice any contradictions. (Disclosure, of course, I give a not-insignificant amount of money to Reason…)

While I’m happy the Edgelords lost, I’m not sure what I’d vote for Oliver. I also don’t know if he’ll be on the ballot in Virginia. Trump and RFK Jr. didn’t do themselves any favors by appearing at the convention; they probably sealed me as a vote against.

I don’t know what else to say.

With all that in mind, I’m debating about whether reconvene with some of the things I cut off recently. My level of support will likely be less, but I do have some fondness for some of the people. Even if there’ve been amazingly wrong.

Just Nothing There

Watching bits and pieces of the Libertarian National Convention on C-SPAN.

RFK Jr. and Vivek spoke yesterday. President Trump is going to speak today.

Congratulations. You might have successfully submitted me as a non-voter for each of them.

Not that it’s going to really matter in Virginia where the party dissolved after the Edgelords took over the Party.

I live in the same ZIP code as the national party, and I kind expect whoever they nominate won’t be on the ballot.

It’s dead, Jim. Just like the 1970s and 1980s AntiWar screeds that inspire the assemblage.

Speaking to my wife some over the past few days, though, I continue to come back to the fact that I really do have some radical views.

But they’re not the stupid stuff what keeps betting thrown around by the conventioneers.

I also keep thinking about different ways to accomplish the same things I would like to say, but do it in a different way.

I still consume a lot of CATO content. The Jone Act isn’t needed anymore. So don’t just repeal that. Repeal every single law. Amazingly, all hte regulations that tie to those laws go away, oto.

This sort of thinking really discombobulates the Libertarians, too. Instead of starting with a clean sheet of paper, they just repeal portions they’ve decided they no lon ger like.

Just nothing there.

Wake Up

Background music that came to mind as I barfed out a title. Wow the guitar arrangements on that are incredible. Things you miss when you listen with kinda shitty audio.

One of my doctors does video appointments wearing EarPods. There’s background noises I notice that the buds filter out, but are captured by the compute mic that goes along with the video.

I don’t know how I’d operate. I do multitask with audio. I can pay attention to more than one sound source at once. I don’t know. I’m just so accustomed to really training my focus on things like lyrics.

Years of driving around in a soft top Jeep with only 4×6 dash speakers will do that to you.

What sort of sound would Rat have been cranking in his sister’s ride?

(Random aside: I recommend Video Killed The Radio Star for resting earphones/speakers…)

I also seem to have lost a bunch of my comments. Not that I get many anymore, but…

Back to what I was talking about

I did get notice of my absence somewhere. I could say that I appreciate it, but whatever. Things get weird, and I GTFO. It’s how I operate.

But I guess me leaving on my own accord is better than getting bounced because you don’t perfectly fit a particular line of thinking.

The stories about the Randroids’ slavish adherence is fascinating.

I have agreed with him on many of his economic take. I disagree with him on the NeoHippie take about NATO expansion.

But he’s cancelled because he doesn’t take kindly to what Hamas did to Israel.

Um. Okay. Whatever. You’ve found your way back to the small part of my attention that you so well occupied for about fifteen years.

And I seem to have lost a bunch of my comments. Hmph.