Ready To Forgive?

Follow-up to last.

I spent a lot of the day yesterday watching the shitshow that was the LP Convention.

I’m happy the NeoHippies’ preferred candidates lost.

Chase Oliver ended up eking the nomination by the skin of his teeth. I was blocked in TwiX by the Mises Caucus party chair for saying that she’d embraced the Edgelords who “took over” the party.

There are some absolutely miserable people there. Monarchists, Anti-Smitties, Fundamentalist Catholics, etc..

Maybe this hit a little too close to home. Who knows?

The loss of control of the party’s TwiX account. The misguided Rage Against The War Machine rally in DC. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The dissolution of LPVA. the excision of certain planks in the Party’s platform that some find very important. What happened with the Arizona Senate race in 2022. The collapse of the almighty Petrodollar.

There’s been so many places where they’ve been completely wrong.

So, they go to have their first convention to nominate a Presidential candidate since the “Take Over.” The Edgelords’ preferred candidate won a small plurality in early rounds of voting, but could never reach a majority of the delegates to actually win the nomination.

In the sixth round, where Dr. Jorgenson won in 2020, Rectenwald was eliminated, but Oliver didn’t garner the required majority to win.

So. On to Round Seven. Oliver finally collected the required majority over “None of the Above.”

Is it because he’s a “left-Libertarian?” This is the guy who saw Raphael Warnock be re-elected over the Trump-backed Herschel Walker.

Oliver was a Democrat in his early political life. But he’s full-on NeoHippie at this point when it comes to war. But, being stupidly-AntiWar, he had trouble wrapping up a majority of the delegates. Could it be because the Misessians embraced the homophobes? Unpossible.

He’s right on some issues, of course, but completely wrong on several others. That he’s okay with Palestine and Russia confuses the hell out of me.

You’re not supposed to notice any contradictions. (Disclosure, of course, I give a not-insignificant amount of money to Reason…)

While I’m happy the Edgelords lost, I’m not sure what I’d vote for Oliver. I also don’t know if he’ll be on the ballot in Virginia. Trump and RFK Jr. didn’t do themselves any favors by appearing at the convention; they probably sealed me as a vote against.

I don’t know what else to say.

With all that in mind, I’m debating about whether reconvene with some of the things I cut off recently. My level of support will likely be less, but I do have some fondness for some of the people. Even if there’ve been amazingly wrong.