Green St. Patrick’s Day

Nobody else here in the hotel restaurant I swearing green, also I’m less concerned about getting pinched.

Is my laptop bag a little green? Does that count as apparel?

It doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t be pinching strangers. Or even people you know.

Mind is racing at this point following more disunion of the Just Asking Questions ep w/ Radley Blake and Coleman Hughes. The criticism of the “debate” was flowing back to The Fifth Column. Why would they be “platforming” someone who denies Chauvin’s judgement as a murderer?

Um. Because free people can believe whatever they’d like about anything, and there’s no danger in having someone on who arrives at a different conclusion than the prevailing narrative.

I mean, there’s people who ardently believe that the Earth is hollow, and people’s souls are stored inside that hollow core.

Um. Okay, then. Nice to meet you. I’d be okay never speaking to you again. And there’s nothing wrong with me having that opinion.

I think I wrote a bit about the documentary that pretty proclaimed Chauvin’s innocence in George Floyd’s death.

While I don’t believe that, I would say that on balance, Chauvin nad ht either officers probably harmed society less than a lot of the people who burned the city in the aftermath.

Upstairs for more coffee consumption…

Okay. The whole thing kind of speaks to the whole there’s one-right-way-to-think-about anything. The talk with the president of the University of Austin also touched on this. You are free to reach whatever conclusions you like about just about anything.

Why his that controversial?

Why do you deserve the worst ham the state can bring down if you do the wrong thing?

Don’t platform people.

Did Michael Cohen explain this to you from what he saw in Prague, Sister Rachel?

Forgot to upload this:

View out the back of the hotel from the breakfast room.