Play “Freebird” For Me

The inline spellcheck doesn’t like “Freebird.” C’mon, Tim. You’re from Alabama. That’s not misspelled.

Things to remember for next trip — check the dates of spring break.

That’s definitely affected hotel selection.

Laying half-awake thinking about a lot of things. I fell asleep yesterday afternoon. Big springtime thunderstorm. Nothing I really wanted to do. Let the medication I’d left behind course through my system, and sleep. What should have been a two-hour nap ended up being about six and a half. Oops.

But it was fine.

Dinner was okay. I ordered a gin Martini. He didn’t understand what it was.


Martini. Made with gin. Not vodka. Martini.



You want it with Crown, not Jack?


Oh. *scurries away*


Probably because he didn’t have a clue about what a Martini was, he didn’t ask what I’d like in it. The bartender also sent two shot glasses — one containing lime, one containing four pimento-stuffed olives. (I used the former, if that’s of any interest at all to anyone….not like anyone’s reading this, anyway…)

But back to the somewhat-incomprehensible at this point title.

A lot of what I’ve been listening to/watching on my ride has been about creation of things, I guess. Works of literature. Jokes. Music.

Can anyone really playFreebird” well?

Does anyone really need to hear it?

Maybe as evidence of your ability to do something, but I’m not seeing a lot beyond that.

There’s videos various places around the Intertubes of Brad Paisley playing “Hot For Teacher” in concert. Shows that he is a very good guitarist. Fun little factoid, but doesn’t say much about his overall talent.

I suppose the question is how to you weave the various things you do have into something that’s of interest to someone, even if that’s only you, yourself.

There are some clever people out there. Sadly, I often find myself listening to things like this. God I want to throttle that guy.

Still no gambling. Getting here so late Thursday night, and errand on Friday morning, then accidental deep nap. Oops.

Maybe the next one. But I have a stay at a hotel intervening because of the price of the casino rooms.

But more soon. Maybe.