Better Test

On who to vote for.
Unsuprisingly, I tested out for Bush. Still, it’s only because Bush is closer to what I think the real answers are. I had to bend things to fit into answers on the test.
To give you an idea of what a wackjob I am…..
I don’t support *any* medicare drug benefit. I think medicare should be eliminated completely.
I don’t support either education plan. I think the federal government has no role, whatsoever, in education.
I can’t defend the pledge issue. The 1954 law that established “In God We Trust” is clearly an establishment of religion.
I don’t support *any* federal medical savings plans, or allowing people to buy into existing plans. There is private insurance available. Buy it. I do. I spend over a hundred dollars a month insuring myself. Everyone wants someone else to pay for his health care. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way in America.

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