Got High School Kids?

John Kerry says he’s opposed to the draft, but what, fundamentally is the difference between conscription and mandatory national service? Kerry has stated that he’s going to increase the Army by 40,000 soldiers. Without a draft. We’ll just call it “mandatory national service,” because, after all, you can go build houses for Jimmy Carter instead of fighting.
Any form of involuntary national service is fundamentally unamerican. We outlawed slavery in this country. There will not be a draft under Bush II, unless there’s a grave crisis that requires a massive mobilization. Under Kerry, everyone will be drafted. He’ll just call it something sweeter.

3 thoughts on “Got High School Kids?”

  1. The difference, in Kerry’s mind, is that drafting is sending people to war to die, while ‘mandatory national service’ doesn’t neccesarily involve leaving your home town, and can involve some as simple as running a civic league or something.
    Either way, it’s retarded 🙂

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