Resurrection Way

The Baptist Church across from my final high school used to put up a sign on their lawn the week before Easter.

Naturally, with a high school several letters from the sign would suspiciously get knocked over giving the sign a completely different meaning.

There’s things young guys do that could cause a lot of anxiety for someone who’s very sensitive.


We do grow up. Deal With It. We don’t stay that way forever.

You take in information as it comes, and you make adjustments.

People age. Desires change. Nothing is going to be exactly the same way again.

That really doesn’t fit well with politicians, however. Especially not with the ones hellbent on resurrecting something from the past.

The former and current administration keep trying to do things to resurrect something they found.


Just stop trying to rebuild the rust belt where you have to buy everything from the company store at union prices, or make America great again.

But, I know, liberal values are all based on racism and privilege.

What do you do? What do you like? I want to avoid participating in any of it.

Did stumble across something interesting the other day related to what I wrote about in the You’re Wrong entry.

CNN on the NAR thing.

So your agent and Suzanne are going to have to figure out what their fees are going to be, and you can walk away if you think Suzanne is being unreasonable.

Oh well.

Move along.

Fun night last night at DC Comedy Loft for my wife’s birthday.

Again, that sort of access is what I was excited about coming up here. The difference in my QoL is immeasurable.

Shit’s really expensive, though, and a lot of that is attributable to the stupid suff politicians have don, and continue to do.

Started in on Agua Donkeys on BlazeTV. While I get through the other original thing they were pitching, I’m not going to do the same for this.

I’m not going to make a pronouncement about where or not it’s funny. That’s irrelevant. It’s not something I’m enjoying watching, so I’m not spending any more time on it.