Drawing The Line

Something like this:

Kind of everything I’ve been talking about work-wise for years coming to the surface. Yes, I understand what to do. Yes, I’m willing to show people what they’re supposed to be doing, but it’s really difficult to be assigned a monumental chunk of work just because I’m the one who understands it.

I’ve made a lot of progress. But I’m probably not going to finish it on someone else’s ad hoc schedule.

Your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency. But, more than that, it’s something I’d tipped them off to before.

I really don’t doubt that someone else could do it more quickly than I. I don’t see well. I get distracted. My typing certainly isn’t what it once was. (Though I am enjoying this gaming keyboard I bought…..I was tired of crappy reception and/or dying batteries ending up with me locking a system because my PIN didn’t come across….) But I did make a stand; I’m not working this weekend.

I’ve gone way above and beyond. My docs are not happy with the amount of stress I’m taking on.

I should really not be thinking about it, and just relax.

So do I have other stuff? Yep. Podcasts. The MeSsy pod.

Normal World, and the Dave landau special I bought on Amazon.

The Coddling of the American Mind

Finish up the docs on the AMIA Bombing.

But I did get some sleep, finally.