Family arriving are probably about an hour out, so I’ll take the opportunity to knock this out for the day.

After a long, actually restful, night of sleep.

Odd distraction in the background…he Bing weird wallpaper has some serious Indian Indigenous People’s CORN surrounding the edges of the browser window.

But back to what I was writing about….

The Macy’s Parade this year had En Vogue with Bel Biv DeVoe.

Yes, hon, we’re getting old.

But, at the same time, there’s a bunch of thirties pupping out for me this Thanksgiving.

I’ve written about my excitement for Saturday night to see Liz Phair on the thirtieth anniversary of Exile In Guyville tour.

If memory serves, Thanksgiving 1993 was spent on a very cold three-cities USO tour through some of the newly-opened countries to westerners.Saw

Saw the Lipizzaner Stallions training somewhere outside Vienna. Z night in a relatively-nice capitalist hotel in Budapest, really cheep Russian Vodka from the gas station next to the hotel, intense interrogation of all aboard the tour bus by Slovak border, and Prague in a cloud of ice fog.

The last The Fifth Column, tied the Argentine election thing back to the ALMA Bombing, which happened the following summer. I mean, I have some memories of the news about that, but we were in the process of moving back to the states right around that time. Getting a tiny Golden Retriever, and settling in to stateside life. The doc I found on Netflix is mostly in Sparkish. Looks to be a few episodes. Tiny type white font on the captions….yeah, it’s gonna take me a which to get through that.

Honestly, July 1994 probably would have been high school football camp coming out of what was probably one of the earliest MS flares I remember. I’d dropped to probably about 155 pounds. So going into football camp with a bunch of central-Pennsylvania boys worked well. They were much bigger and stronger than me, but I was slower, so it worked out awesomely.

Should I do the seemingly-common trope about how things were so much etter in teh 90s?


There was still a lot of things that really sucked.

Okay, I think I’ve gotten enough in for today. Time to go enjoy the day. Am I really giving thanks? Um. Maybe?