JFK Assassination 60 Years After

I should look back and see what I wrote on the fiftieth nniversary. But maybe it was the thing from the thing on “The Day The Music Died.” Obama was president at the time. Hey, $Corp_news_show, you do realize that most of the people alive don’t remember that. For that, the President of the United States wasn’t even born yet.

The JFK assassination is something similar.

The Boomers are the lengthiest generation. My early-Boomer parents were in elementary school. My later-Boomer in-laws were very young.

But there’s not a single person from my generation who was alive when JFK was shot.

Sure, there is a Gen X. equivalent…and I’ve brought it up recently when I realized the woman I’d eventually marry wasn’t born when Challenger exploded.

But, even though not all of the Boomers were alive, and there’s many who don’t remembers it, here’s lots of conspiracy ideas surrounding it that persist.

I am pretty sure that Oswald killed JFK alone with a single rifle.

Evidence counter to that conclusion is sketchy at best.

I don’t think there was a wild underlying conspiracy.

But the JFK assassination conspiracies serve as a launchpad to other really off-the-wall stuff. I think, and unfortunately I can’t find it, the progression goes something like this: JFK Conspiracy –> 9/11 Troof –> Hollow Earth –> Birds Aren’t Real.

Occasionally there’s something that really makes you re-evaluate a lot of things (for me all the ammo found on the Lusitania wreck was a big deal…), but anything where you’ve got to do a lot of contortions to get the crazy end.

Maybe I’m boring, but I just don’t have the patience to get where I’m supposed to go.

And, even if I did have the patience, what’s the payoff? How is my life any different?

Is there anything I’ve had to do to get to get a ride on the crazytrain?

So. Oswald, who was so much a loser that he couldn’t find contentedness behind the Iron Curtain, and is enough of a shot to pull off something that’s of medium difficulty for any trained marksman.

Jack Ruby killed Oswald. The reasons for that aren’t clear, but that can be said about a lot of stuff that happens in the New Orleans underworld.

I’ve set something to DVR kind of from morbid curiosity. But I don’t have any interesting expectations.

And I’m skeptical that will be able to change that overall attitude.

Time to go start Thanksgiving. Sorta.