Christmas Plans

We are staying home. I am very much okay with this.

I have one day where I’m going into a temporary office facility, but kind of sanguine about it.

I think I’ve got a handle on what I’m planning to do for presents.

But I just thought of something I was supposed to do over the weekend, and forgot about.

I should be able to get that done on Friday since I’m not working that day. I’d scheduled leave for this paycheck, and have already worked more than that.

Let me try one of T2K’s prompts….

What’s your greatest writing strength and greatest writing weakness?

You know, I think I could do better about planning a long project write. What I did for this month really didn’t require a lot of pre-planning.

What I’ve not done this streak is getting a head-start on answers to the individual prompts.

I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration lately from some of what Michael Malice said about his process for writing.

But it requires better planning than I’ve been doing last few streaks.

Many stretches I don’t really have a good list of things I’d like to hit upon. Have your idea, then spend a set amount of time writing on that section. Same time every day.

Obviously, with NoJoMo, writing at the same time has been tough with my work and travel schedule this month. Some days I write in the morning. If I’m working, I might pound out a paragraph or two while listening to a call.

I do tend to write on Saturday Morning after I’ve filled my pill case for the next week.

A lot of what I’m listening to these days is from authors.

Will I get a chance to reach a moment of equilibrium again where I can slice off a segment of time each day to operate?

I don’t know.

I do appreciate how much I’ve actually done this month already. I’m hoping that next month can kind of be a month can actually include some time for relaxation.


But I’m sure I’ll end up spending time planning the next big thing.

After my company stole the equity I’d built up in the form of Paid Time Off, most of the week before Christmas will be spent paying CxxxXXX’s protection racket rrenewing my certification so I can keep working.

What else?

The cold weather has me really wanting an Irish Coffee. I don’t even know what to say about that.