Twenty-six (8/14)

Trying to dig through things I have marked as Draft here.
This has been floating around lately.
How can you purport to support “Net Neutrality” while supporting this sort of editing?
I don’t know.  I think I wrote about that plenty of times.
You can’t be butthurt about Ajit Pai changing rules about Net Neutrality while at the same time favoring private organizations making choices to block speech.
Here’s where I am with it — there’s lots of shit on the Internet that I choose not to consume.  Let me reiterate with emphasis;  there’s lots of shit on the Internet that I choose not to consume.  That it’s there has no effect, whatsoever, on me.
It’d be foolish for me to worry about things that do not affect me.
My Tysabri infusion really hasn’t kicked in yet, though I do feel better than I did, say, Thursday and Friday.  More than a little miffed that my former insurer called me seeking information so they can try to fleece my new insurer, too.
Supposedly my wife has a new prompt she wanted to see me write on.  I guess we’ll see.
Thankfully, though, I don’t have to work this weekend.  I’m trying hard to be upset about that, though I am a bit disappointed that I can’t choose to have fun a couple of days next week.  Whatever.