Today’s prompt was planking.

First, I’m in horrible shape. I really need to start hitting the workout room at the complex where I live.

When it reopens.

Second, I tried to do some, and my spastic legs kept me from doing it very long at all.

What else. Hmm. Yeah, I’m finished with Facebook. Again. More. If the HR Geeks folks wanna moderate the group, they know how to get in touch with me.

Maybe this weekend, I’ll mess with the mailing lists again.

But yeah, there’s nothing nice to say about the things the Didn’t-Used-To-Be-Evil letters company, and Facebook are doing.

Sarah showed me some of the things she was having show up in her feeds just because of what she’d shopped for, not on those apps, but on other apps on her phone.

A couple of quick examples. The first from Al-Reuters (if anyone remembers that meme from, say, 2003, congratulations?). But more on point, this from RCP.

Another of the problems with the big media, you know, the ones Chuck Todd says it’s dangerous that we don’t trust, is that things change so rapidly that they can’t keep up. If you limit your exposure, cap your time, you’ll remain in a state of perpetual ignorance.

I was trying to listen to this just after the morning newscast was talking about, and my phone was getting alerts about, a test approval.

But you should stay in our shield of self-imposed ignorance.