I ended up just taking today off. I’ve only gone to the work computer once to check on things.

Obviously I’ve been looking at email, etc..

And trying to get through this protection racket. Essentially what I’m having to do at this point is do the exercise, then wait until the clock is nearly expired before I mark it as complete. Lamesauce.

I absolutely hate that I have to do this in order to keep working a few more years. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Yes, I’d like to stay at it a for a few more years. No, I don’t know if I can.

At the same time, I’m not sure what else I’d do.

Write. It’s what I do. Sometimes.

It’s about the only thing I have to spill out these thoughts bouncing about my scarred brain.

I used to speak more, especially when I was on the radio. That said, when I was 21 years old, I had problems with my diction speed.

Hell, I was nicknamed “John Wayne” by some of the folks on my high school football team. (Where there were six Sean/Shaun/Shawns. My parents wanted to give me something distinct, so they gave me the most popular boys’ name of the 1970s as a first name, and the second most-popular name as my middle name….)

I’ll admit that the nickname could have been due to my lack of running speed, too, but I’ll just say that it was probably a lot more about how slowly I spoke.

In 2005, I finally moved into a situation where I was doing on-air work beyond really just live assist for network programs.

2005 was about the time, in the wake of John Kerry’s rollicking success in the 2004 race, a bunch of the hipster progressives decided that they could probably do talk radio better than the conservatives could.

I listened. It was unspeakably awful. Beck did a bit that he was going to air an abortion. I should have known it was a complete bit when his bumper for one of the segments was Rooster by Alice In Chains, but….he ended up playing as segment of Al Franken and his giggling sidekick as the “abortion.”

Where I was living at the time, AA were on a very low-power AM stick, but the programming was just atrocious.

At the time, one of the flagship shows was “The Young Turks.”

I paid attention to it a bit, as it was marginally more entertaining than Al Franken, or Rachel Maddow.

But it was terrible.

Since Air America found its well-deserved death, the show has bounced around.

One of the podcasts I listen to had a death watch for them a few months ago. Somehow they’re still around, even after their hopes and dreams for a public execution for treason evaporated.

The entry from the archives I have is here:

7/30/05 – 7/30/2005

The talk radio business is a strange one, but it’s gotten tons stranger since Air Amerikkka showed up.

Turns out they took a “loan” from a charity funded by the City of New York. Details.

And, their flagship, WLIB-AM, now has lower ratings than before they went on the air. Of course, the folks over at the Daily Kos won’t ention that.

Please excuse the typo I see there. Chances are that I hammered that out on an ancient laptop in bed, or in a dark radio studio.

I tried to find their meltdown on Election night in 2016 as their prophet lost.

That actually was entertaining. Kennedy mentioned on her show one time that watching those was something she does to cheer herself up.

Maybe if I could have found that video, it would have improved my mood some, too.

Oh well.

TYT, and the main host, are kind of the broadcast equivalents of cockroaches.

Tucker Carlson actually found a place to live after being the resident conservative on pretty much every cable news outlet.

Things pass. My radio career. Friends. Family. Eventually me.

But not the cockroaches of the corporate press.