I was tempted to start with a very long prompt, but realized that I really don’t have the motivation.
Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.
Two longtime friends have a birthday today.
We’re well in to the form-babby-at-thanksgiving time.
Going through friends/acquaintances….
August 16th: Two
August 17th: None
August 18th: One.
August 19th: At least one, but maybe more.
August 20th: At least one, but maybe more.
August 21st: Uhm….
August 22nd: At least one, but I don’t remember who right now.
I think there was one on the 23rd, too, but, again, memories in my scarred brain are very fuzzy.
Have you ever questioned whether you were correct while everyone else seemed to think you were overreacting?
I don’t know. I don’t think people think I overreact that often. My emotional lability is something I have to watch, but I normally can control. (Yes, that is an MS symptom.)
I think that sometimes people think that I concentrate on inconsequential things.
I was looking for the scene from the epic Pod People about “Burning Rubber Tires.” The only thing I could find on YouTube was a version that was played at like double speed. Well, that, and the MST3K parody of it.
I do tend to key on things, sometimes. Those things are often things that others might find unimportant. Often, though, I focus on them because I notice something with them that might end up being a problem later.
My deteriorating eyesight, however, does make me miss some things most others might notice.
I keep getting distracted while writing this. My phone is blowing up.
No, some dude from Miami, I’m not interested in this health insurance policy you’re trying to sell. No, technical recruiter, I’m really not all that interested in a six-month contract-to-hire so your client can avoid paying benefits.
And, see, I’m so scatter-brained this morning that I chuckled thinking about this: