After Further Consideration….

I promised I’d write something about NBC’s interview with Eddie The Ops Guy.

The flippant answer is channeling Dennis Green, and that this is just a sweeps bit. (Guess Andy Fox chasing after cars ain’t workin’ anymore….) I’ve written about Eddie The Ops Guy a couple of times.

I found three decent reaction pieces on the interview.

  • The first, from Howard Kurtz (Someone I used in college, and his coverage of the Clinton Impeachment. You know, college, that place the high school dropout Eddie has never even considered.)
  • The Baltimore Sun
  • And the best one from the New York Times.

The interview didn’t really answer much, but it did reconfirm my initial suspicions about the guy.

He’s a self-important douchenozzle.

I kept waiting for him to invoke the name of his lord and savior, RON PAUL, but he never did.

If you, fundamentally, have a problem with what the people you work for are doing, you quit. GTFO. If it’s so egregious, then you go to the authorities. You don’t steal things, then run off to places hostile for security.

If you really think you were defending American values, why are you so scared of allowing its systems of justice and redress to work?