NoJoMo 5

Write about your siblings. Where are they now, what are they doing? When was the last time you saw him/her/them? Are you on good terms?

I have a younger brother, who was actually born in the zip code where I’m now working. There was an oh-wait-a-minute moment when I realized that a few weeks ago. I mean, I was three when he was born, so I don’t remember too much. I guess I pegged his name if he was a boy, though. My mother used to tell stories about how I really wanted them to name him, “Brian.” When they put him on display in the nursery, I guess that was his not-yet-official name tag. My parents didn’t name him that, though.

He is living in Texas, after his wife’s company moved them out there. Cowboys’ fans galore, but you married one, bro.

I guess the last time I would have seen him would have been sometime this summer, before they left the East Coast.

We are on decent terms. High school was tough. He and my longtime high school girlfriend didn’t really get along (well, that was true for she and pretty much everybody else in my family). His high school girlfriend, who he ended up marrying, well, I’ll shuttup. That’s over. His second wife is great, and I’m happy they’re doing well. Even if it is in Dallas.