Twenty-nine (8/18)

Another free-write as I wind down for this summer.

Today’s been spent trying to fish things off my long-stored virtualization host.  It was in the basement, and getting data off of it is taking fore v e r.

Unfortunately, it’s proving more difficult than I anticipated.

*steps away for good dinner courtesy my wife*

She’s out swimming, and I’m copying shit off a thumb drive to my desktop.  When it finishes, I’ll SFTP it up to my VM, and try to get the hrgeeks list back up and running again.

That’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow, but at least now I have the data.

Probably going to have to expand my Fantasy Football League to accommodate two more teams as another of my leagues dies.


But two more days.  Maybe I should have found something to recycle for today, but busy doing other things.

I do like where I am at this point, minus the travails with my health.  I don’t think I’m near death, and I’m not drinking myself into oblivion several times per week.  So there’s that.

As I near the end of my weekly TV allotment, I should find a football game to watch or something.