Intro and what I’m doing. This marks the ninth straight year.

On the old OD site, this was kind of a thing.  Essentially, you write every single day of the month of November.

Much as I was back in the summer, I’m happy, which really does remove a reason to write.  That was even before I chose to remove myself from most social media.

There’s really just that much to get wound-up about.  I’m sure the DNC delegation of Facebook friends would disagree, but, again, I don’t care.

A longtime friend scored me a ticket to Shmoocon in January.  I’ve missed the past three.  It feels more than a little strange, but maybe I’ll get something more out of it this year.

So, back to what I’m doing, and why.  I mentioned the old OD site.  It’s been resurrected following its demise back in 2013.  I’d purchased a lifetime subscription, which they did honor after reanimation.  I had downloaded copies of what I’d written before it went dark, but there is a bit of an old friend feeling.

I’ve been horrible about writing, there, of course.  (And yes, I’ll be reposting this there, too.)  I guess the reanimation was right around the time I got removed from round two of being in the 1998-vintage icebox.  (Originally, I’d said “shitcanned,” but I wasn’t fired.  I was laid off because a guy not worth the C4 it’d take to blow him up didn’t like me doing things according to published regulation…)

As for why I do it?  It helps me focus the many thoughts sprinting through this scarred brain of mine.  Do I have something to say about everything?  No.  There’s things that nobody needs to know.  There’s other things that pretty much are my sole interest;  why bore people with them?

But it also puts me in the mood for holidaying.  Can I really relax myself enough to enjoy them, for a change, this year?  I’m hoping so.

So, on to it.  Happy NoJoMo.