Day Two

Writing Prompt: What was a time you felt the most brave? What was a time you didn’t feel brave at all? 

Much like yesterday’s entry, it’s tough to pin a single instance down. I am, by no means, a corageous person. Am I the lion from The Wizard of Oz? Hardly. Am I brave? Hell no.

So, two brave times (and they may also just have been stupid).

1. 2004, when I drove to and from Spokane to see my friend. Alone. I’d been feeling horrible before the trip, so I figured if I made it alive, I’d be okay. I did. Felt like crap when I was there, but felt somewhat okay on the way back, and the week after. I didn’t have many more serious MS symptoms for years after that. (Until the bout of optic neuritis in 2006?)

2. When I went for the MRI for diagnosis. Well, three MRIs. I hadn’t married, yet. My dad offered to give me a ride to the hospital, but I truned him down after they scheduled me at 0545. I drove myself. I made it through almost three hours inside that damn tube. No drugs. I admit I did punch the panic button once, but that’s only because I was afraid I was going to puke after they injected the dye.

And, on to the least brave….

1. Leaving that last company, which shall not be named. My boss was on vacation. I’d driven to his house before he left to let him know it might be happening if I got the offer.

I really didn’t get the offer I was hoping for. I got a different one. The money was right, so I took it. I’m still there. It’s now the job I’ve had the second-longest in my life. Telling the weasel owner I was leaving was tough. I thought I liked the guy. Little did I know what he’d done — what he’d done, what he was still going to do to fuck me over. Seriously, fuck that guy. There’s a reason he’s teaching high school in Florida.

They fired my boss two days after I turned in my notice. I turned in my resignation letter as I was leaving Monday evening. They fired him Thursday. While he was still overseas on vacation. Yes, that shady. My problems started a couple of weeks after I’d left; walking in to the Magistrate’s office to take out a protective order takes a certain amount of bravery….

So, moments of being not brave?

Umm…..I’m sure they involved medical stuff. Getting veins stuck does bad things to me.


Yes, there’s things missing from this that I put in the other one.  Sue me;  my blog sucks.  But, I will put in something here I omitted in the other one — douchebag’s initials   Since, after the mess with me leaving, I bitched vocally here about the criminality I saw, it wouldn’t surprise me if PG still checks from time to time.  If so, fuck you, guy.  Florida is exactly the right place for you.