Day 30

And this is it….the end. Since basically nobody’s been reading, I could have delayed this, but why? Tempted, again, to blow all this stuff away, too. I guess I could probably transition it somewhere else. We’ll see….

I’m finishing up, here, just because I do have something to do tonight, nad I need to get ready. Finishing up seems to be a unifying theme in many things at this point, which isn’t necessarily good news.

But it’s important to understand when something’s over, and to accept it. Regardless of what happens, I know there’s a few things I can count on, a few people I can rely on, and the others fall where they fall.

Am I disappointed by this effort? Honestly, a bit. But I’ve done it every day. One of the debates I have in my head pretty frequently is whether volume is more important than quality. I think the answer is, “yes.” Cop-out? Maybe. Do I care? Notsomuch. I was halfway tempted not to go through with this, considering everything that was going on around the start time.

I did it.

1. Share your day, in words and/or in pictures.

Or to put it another way, there’s nothing terribly interesting to see today. My spare bedroom as a home office. My computer. *yawn* There could be things to take photos of tonight, but, then again, the chances of it being too dark to take any are pretty good, too.

A bigger question is whether I keep the facial hair I’ve grown this month…..

2. You have an extra $100,000 to give away. You can not spend it on yourself. What would you do with the money?

Not enough to pull off two chicks at the same time, huh? I’d give it to someone who understands what I’m saying when it comes to new approaches to how to do the work that I do. Doubling-down, churning out the same shit faster is exactly the wrong approach. Do somthing different. The Apple “think different,” campaign really wasn’t, because they were churning out the same products that’d failed in the marketplace already. Despite the exhortations, the products weren’t actually different until Jobs showed back up.