Woke up too early this morning.
One of the top stories on the local news was this.
That they’re pulling out shows what a failure theĀ Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act is.
One of my friends, a big fan of all of it, said that the states that expanded Medicaid didn’t have similar problems.
FTFA: Earlier this summer, the insurer announced it will exit Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio next year. It cited “volatile” markets and “uncertainty” for each decision.
Ohio did expand Medicaid.
And when I had one of the Anthem plans in Virginia, through the Federal Exchange, I had to switch two doctors because they thought the plan was Medicaid.
One of the party’s nominees is actually running on “expanding medical coverage.” He won’t say that that entails expanding Medicaid under the PP&ACA.
Bubuhbut this is just insurance companies getting rich!
Yes, and you’re happy about that if you’ve got their stocks in your portfolio.
It’s tough for me to really discuss, since I know that I am one of the people who stresses the system.
When Elizabeth Warren goes on her tirades about there being blood on her opponents’ hands, remember that she actually wishes that people like me would, in fact, die, to make this mess work.
Something your significant other is into that you are not?
I do know that this was written with the expectation that I’d say “anime,” but that’d be too easy.
How about things about British royalty? I really don’t understand that obsession. There are aspects of the UK that are admirable, but the monarchy isn’t one of them. Yes, there’s positive things to say about the Queen. What’s there to say about Camilla?