NoJoMo Day 3

**Emphatic yawn**

Still suspicious on how much electricity this whole Daylight Savings Time saves. I’m sure people have quantified it, but I’m still skeptical. Maybe that has a lot to do with my homebody lifestyle, work in an energy-hog office building (this is despite the green placards covering the stone pillar at the external doors…). That said, I still wonder what the macroeconomic effect is — how much does changing forward and back cost?

One more of those things I probably spend too much time thinking about. Maybe if I just stopped thinking, altogether, I’d be happier. And more likely to vote for an iffy party wonk, as my city elders would like.

Speaking of that, last night’s SNL was the best one this new cast has done so far. I guess I’d missed the host’s (Kerry Washington) show during my near total ignorance of whatever ABC has on, but….saw her on with Kimmel a few weeks ago, and was impressed.  I like seeing dramatic actors doing comedy well;  she’s got it down.

NBC did try hard to ruin a funny-as-hell open by rolling out Al Sharpton.  Was Nancy Snyderman unavailable? Matt Lauer? Ann Curry? SMH.  FWIW, Keith Morrison could take over the announcer role once the incumbent leaves.

(And Kerry Washington is much better-looking than either Michelle Obama or Oprah.)

Now, for something completely different….

Election day here in Virginia is Tuesday. I will take a last look at the polls before I go vote, and make my decision based on what I see. Though I would have voted for him in 2009, I am absolutely not voting for Terry McAuliffe.

The same is true for my State Senator, Ralph Northam, someone I have previously voted for.

That seemingly every political ad from one party goes to abortion and contraception speaks to resurgent Anti-Catholic bias. It’d be amusing if it didn’t show how ignorant the young “progressives” are of history.

I could continue to write about that for a long time, but I’d rather not.  The hipster progressives get all emo when you point out that they’re fighting for the Klan’s causes, using the Klan’s tactics in the political sphere.

I’m against both abortion and capital punishment. I recognize eliminating either would require amending the Constitution. What I would like to see is someone really fix the stupidity of US health care, which was only exacerbated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  

I’d be fine with a system much like many countries in Western Europe have where you’re compelled to buy insurance. I’d also be okay with a single national insurance program like Australia has (and what Medicare is).

Note that neither of these is like the Canadian or British systems. Or the Veterans’ Administration. Distinction between single-payer, and single-provider.

There’s more court-time for “Obamacare” to come, but I think eventually things will shake out to where employers can’t expense the cost of benefits beyond the penalty for not buying insurance. People will have to buy health insurance like auto or homeowners’ insurance. Only part of that will be with pre-tax money.

Employers who want to continue offering benefits may, but workers will have to count the costs above the penalty as regular income (and employers will have to take withholdings on that).  Workers will be amazed to see just how much of their paychecks they’re actually not seeing.

With individuals paying for insurance policies, the politicians can meddle all they want. The Kardashian party can mandate coverage of cosmetic procedures (including laser hair removal to get rid of those mustaches….And, yes, I am growing for MoVember), contraception, abortion, whatever. Don’t mandate that churches pay for things they believe to be mortal sins.

I’m going to stop here, but, I’ll hit the prompt….

What are usually your first thoughts as you wake up in the morning?

Do I really have to go to work this morning? There’s little I’d less rather do.