NoJoMo Day 4

Saints lost to the Jets?!? C’mon, y’all.

I stopped following someone on Twitter. Misperception of being a stalker. But, really, I don’t respond to everything. Some shit is too nonsensical to even warrant a response.

Of course, the same goes for me.

But I know when I’m not welcome most of the time; it is what it is.

I really want people to understand having me on their side really isn’t a bad thing. Maybe I’m too pushy sometimes.

But, in my situation, I don’t have many spoons to waste. So I won’t.

Maybe that’s part of why I don’t suffer fools wit grace anymore.

At work, I’ve been disappointed in what I’ve produced lately. I’ve been amazed at the stunning lack of quality others are willing to accept. “We have no time.”

Maybe that’s true. But if you actually tried, you might see that doing the right thing takes just as much time as doing it wrong.

But you have to at least make an attempt.

Onto the prompt…

Day 4 – All the different roles you play in your life (i.e. wife, mother, sister, teacher, etc.)

Husband, son, brother, resident nerd. But I’m not an engineer anymore, which irks me more than a little.