Day 10

A third of the way through this.

Am I really satisfied with what I’ve done so far? Why do I ask myself these sorts of questions?

I do it, because I do care about getting something out of it, personally. I care about the work being quality, whatever that means.

Is this? I don’t know. Scant few readers might tell me it is to stroke my ailing ego, but…

Or maybe this is more about commitment — getting into a routine?

Yesterday’s prompt asked about what excuses I’ve used to avoid responsibilities or commitments. I didn’t have many. Even though I have far more legitimate excuses than I used to have (or than most people have), I’m still hesitant to use them.

What was the last thing on your mind as you fell asleep last night?

Going to bed before the SNL rerun even starts? Man, I’m lameold.

(Admittedly, amazing food plus half a bottle of wine probably didn’t hurt.)