You don’t have a clue

Watched this. Take-aways:I’m going to blame the speaker for being a Failcons’ fan. No, I don’t know that for sure, but he is from Georgia.

  • Rules of Evidence aren’t just a judge’s whim.
  • “Putting the air inside ping-pong balls is kind of an old school black programs inside joke.
  • Not going to hate too much, because it’s unfair.

    1. Judges don’t just make snap decisions on evdience admissibility. These things are published. Since you don’t know that, it’d be smart for lawyers on both sides to try to exclude your evience just because you might testify.
    2. The presentation focuses on admissibility of physical disks, and the data stored on them. Hashing ca work at the file level, then the machinations of what’s going on underneath aren’t important anymore. My question was: why would you ever go lower than the lowest admissible layer?

    But I’m not going to hate too much. The last presentation is going on right now.