What was the most creative excuse youÂ’ve come up with to get out of a date, an appointment, or doing a task? (reach-back to 2013)

From November 11, 2013:

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, and don’t really have a good answer. I try not to make commitments I know I’ll have trouble keeping. My mother has myriad stories of what I’d do as a little kid.

I’m not that little kid, anymore.

A third of the way through this.

Am I really satisfied with what I’ve done so far? Why do I ask myself these sorts of questions?

I do it, because I do care about getting something out of it, personally. I care about the work being quality, whatever that means.

I was being really kind about my feelings on quality with what was going on at work at the time. The folks for whom I was working at the time, were of the opinion that every schedule could be accelerated with additional resources.

As I put it to assembled family recently, five cooks in a kitchen isn’t going to make a single batch of cookies bake five times faster.

Time constraints are a thing!!1!

But, back to the topic, I’m still having picking something in particular out.

I will say that it happens a lot more often now than it ever used to before I was diagnosed.

At the same time, my excuses now are very rarely due to just desire to skip out on something.

If I say that I’m not feeling up to do whatever, I probably actually don’t feel up to doing it. Fatigue is a real thing with MS.

So I might cancel out on something someone else wants me to do. If you think that makes me a bad person, whatever. I’ve stopped even trying to count the number of things I want to do, just because I’m feeling similarly lousy.

So. Short one today. I could write more, but the fatigue actually is hitting some tonight.