Two weeks in

…and I’m still not 100% sure I like what I’m doing.  And I feel like I’m the only one doing whatever it is I’m doing.

Instead of doing it in the spare bedroom, patiently awaiting feedback I never get, now I’m in a cubicle listening to idle chatter from coworkers.

Do they really count as coworkers if they’re not really focused on the same task?  *ponders for a moment*

This next week should be different.  Headed back to EVMS to see if I can get this health stuff figured out again.  I should not feel this bad all the damn time.  Just before Sarah and I went to New Orleans for our honeymoon, I felt like I’d gotten things pretty well figured out.

So much for that.  And what I’ve tried isn’t working.  So that doesn’t mean do it faster!  (If only management people would understand that…..)

Professionally, the slate is somewhat clean, but I’m already seeing the sort of nonsense I saw before.  I just don’t have the capacity to work through issues like I used to be able to.  Am I getting lazy, or am I just that bad off with my health?  *ponders more*

Interesting conversation on Twitter this morning with one of my favorite bloggers who’s trying to get a book published.  I don’t know if my perspective was much help, but I can hope.

It’s not a question that the work is quality;  it’s a question of whether there’s an audience for it.  The people who make the decisions on that sort of thing are often not the people who’d consume it.  My dilemma — whether quality is forever confined to niche status…..

I don’t know.