Not so lazy Sunday

I got users upgraded to a viable version of NetBSD, which is a good thing.  I really have no idea who’s really still using it for things other than E-Mail, but….

If there’s anyone out there who knows a clean way to import account shits from the passwd file into LDAP, that might be a good project.

I feel somewhat as if I’m getting back into the swing of things, geek-wise.  Maybe.  Do I have the boundless energy I did a few years ago?  No.  Do I fuck up?  Yes.  Have my skills deteriorated?  Some.  Is it a lot more difficult with my vision being as bad as it is?  Certainly.  But what can I do?

Sarah’s off doing something or the other with her mom.  I’m supposed to meet up with Drew for a burrito any minute now.  Maybe Ethan tags along.

Do I feel rested after this weekend of not going anywhere? Not in the least.  Am I okay with that?  Yeah.

Though I could go for a beer.  Not today, though.  Stupid medication.