Poke Me

Or something.  I’m feeling all social-madia-y lately with work, etc..

So, what’s what?

Users is coming along.  There’s still lots of packages to build, but it’s going.  When it’s done, I may try to resurrect some of the hot blog action there.  Maybe.  Those of you who’ve got accounts, please see the MOTD for the status.  (And, if you forgot your password, hit me up via E-Mail….)

I’m trying to do good work again.  I really did feel constrained previously.  But, you know what?  I am who I am.  Am I what I was?  Not by a long shot. Do I still have a lot to offer?  Absolutely.  Am I willing to work harder than others?  Yep.  Would I prefer to be contributing from home while I’m in comfortable clothes?  Yes.

I took down a lot of the MS stuff while I was looking for a new job;  the Drupal nonsense was part of that, too.  I guess I could bring some of it back, but I really don’t care to.  I’ve got problems.  They may not be immediately visible.

But the social media stuff is important to my future work.  A lot of the older people don’t care to try to use it.  The people who do don’t pick up bar tabs after vendor demos.  But those tools are natural to a younger person.

Is it a problem that Sendmail is gone on users?  No.  Does anyone really miss editing Sendmail.cf, and recompiling, mail spools, etc.?

I’m rambling, but at least I’m still sorta going, and it’s only Wednesday.