End of the week

I’m really getting involved at work.  The stuff I’m doing isn’t exactly what I’d done in the past, but I do understand why it’s important.  I also understand why people who have been set in their ways wouldn’t fit in with what’s going on.

That brings me to LinkedIn.  For some of the people there, connections and endorsements serve as a substitute for real ability.  That goes, too, for some the the people I see in “people you may know.”

Yes, I know that dude.  No, I don’t want to be connected to him.  In fact, if I was to see him in person, it’d be everything I could do to keep from kicking his ass.  (We’ll set aside for a moment the fact that me actually seeing him isn’t much within the realm of possibility, given my eyesight.  Kicking his ass would be tougher, still, but…..)

So, what’s on tap for this weekend?

1.  Shopping for some computer stuff.  Time for a new laptop.  Leaning towards a MBP 13″.  That may well happen today.  Desktop will be something I address down the road.  I really can’t game anymore, so building something nice seems pointless.  Anything I buy probably has enough oomph to play the few games that I still do fire up from time to time….

2.  Actually filing my income tax returns.  I think I did most of the work filling them out back in early February, but the job search was taking precedence.  I also planned it right, so I’m not getting much of a return.

3.  More fiddling with users.  I’d like to do some promotion to get people back in to using it.  I actually stuck my head into #757 the other day.  Whether or not I’m better for doing that is a matter of debate.  Some of the usual cast of characters is still around.  Others are off in the ether, which brings me to #4…

4.  Go see Mr. 804 who’s no longer around.  I would have headed down to WWC in Chesapeake, yesterday, but this whole not driving thing, plus a long week at work made the bus ride down there particularly unappetizing.  (I could have made this one, “drink,” but I really don’t have the constitution to do that, anymore.)

5.  Finish watching House of Cards.  This is just another step that’s gotta have broadcast TV execs, ad execs, Whitney Cummings, worried.  First, it was worthwhile programming on A&E, TNT.  Now, it’s places like iTunes and Netflix.  (And, maybe, I shouldn’t pick on Whitney.  While Whitney is, in fact, awful, and 2 Broke Girls looks that way, the latter might be fun to watch with the sound off…)

6.  NCAA Basketball.  My bracket was doing well until Harvard.  Duke hasn’t sucked its way out, yet, unfortunately.  Duke sucks.  I think I had Louisville over Indiana in the championship game.

So, off to get it all underway.  Big thanks to the choadsmoker who woke me up with his shitty music outside this morning.  Your music is awesome, bro, but not as awesome as you;  don’t forget that.