Last fall, I was working on a paper for Shmoocon.  I’d gotten about four pages in, and started rebutting some of the arguments I knew I’d get.  I didn’t have an answer for one, not even a glib one, so I gave up.  (And now my scarred-up brain is thinking of the derogatory political term, “Glibertarian.”)

Too much of what I’ve sen lately in IT is building bigger in the name of sekurity.  “Well, you have to do x.  Y says you have to, right?”

But when you query on where says whatever it is it’s supposed to say, “Well, you know.”  No, I don’t.  I couldn’t find it.  If I could have, I wouldn’t have asked the question.

Am I dissatisfied with my current work situation?  Yes.  Is there anything I can do about it?  Not right now, at least.