Don't Ask What You Don't Want To Know

Followup to the last entry.  This (PDF, pops) is what I’m getting at.  But if you already have the solution, why waste time asking pointless questions, amirite?
Sometimes what you actually need to do isn’t exactly what you’d envisioned.  Accepting that can be difficult.  It’s more difficult for people who’ve got a vested interest seeing the solution implemented.
That’s made me the bad guy at work for trying to do the right thing.  There’s not much reputation left to protect, so, I’ll take on the role of pincushion if necessary.  (And that I’m not regularly injecting myself with chaff to confuse my immune system, that’ll be a little easier.)
On a somewhat related note, I got a nibble on my car.  I’ll put it out to my scant few readers before I sell it to a stranger one last time.  E-Mail me if you’re interested in a 2003 Mustang GT.
Is that the conclusion I wanted?  Nope.  I used to really enjoy driving, that car, especially.  But I can’t do it anymore, and probably will never be able to do it again.  It happens.
The loss of vision is the main impediment, but working a clutch was getting difficult/tricky last few times I drove, too.
Does anyone know how to go about surrendering your driver’s license to DMV?  Discounts on bus/train fares?