Ask the right questions

At work, lately, I’ve been trying to do that.

I spent some time talking about the MVC Model, but I’m not entirely certain that’s entirely the issue I’m working through.

Certainly, a lot of the emphasis the past few years has been working only on the Controller portion.  Where’s that gotten people?  Bloated monstrosities that still don’t let users do what they need to do.  (Inspires flashbacks to funroll-loops.  Sadly, in a professional setting, they aren’t fucking with compiler flags, they’re just cobbling on more and more hardware, using someone else’s checkbook.)

I want to ask the questions that let me know what it is people actually need to do.  I couldn’t care less about the actual mechanics in the early stages.

The people who want the gargantuan solutions don’t want to ask those questions;  might keep them from building that wicked setup.  But that wicked setup might not fill the users’ needs.  How would you know that?  Besides, it’s got this nifty failover…….