Double the injustice

Unfortunately, I woke up rather early this morning, and am seeing the reactions to the Zimmerman trial.

One aspect of the response is possibly more disturbing than the complete acquittal, itself.

The NAACP wants the DOJ to pursue charges against Zimmerman for violating Martin’s civil rights.

(Leftie Blog, Rightie Blog, but they say pretty much the same things.)

The LAPD thugs were agents of the state.  Zimmerman wasn’t.  There is a civil remedy available if justice wasn’t served.  LA and the State of California (actually, probably their insurance companies’ policies) paid Rodney King those civil remedies.  Since Zimmerman is a private citizen, all that’d be there to collect would be whatever that wannabe Cartman fat fuck has, personally.

Since the LAPD thugs were acting as agents of the state, the civil claim would have been against the state.

So, what’s the point?  It’s disturbing to think of nationally-institutionalized double jeopardy if criminal proceedings in state courts don’t achieve “justice.”

Where would it stop?  Very disturbed, NAACP.