Cobwebs cleared

Now time to sort.  *sigh*  Followup to this from about a month ago.

Long story short, I found a bunch more music hanging around on my wheezing PC.


  • Found stuff I knew I had, but hadn’t seen in awhile.
  • Have freed up probably 30GB more of disk space


  • More duplicates in the library I have to tidy up.
  • Still way more music than free space on my iPhone
  • ID3 information on many of the things I found is wrong

At some point, probably around 2008, I was using WMP for whatever reason, having switched up from whatever I was using on Linux, and very old iTunes on the Mac.

I had backups of other people’s PCs around, too, so there were lots of things from their libraries just sitting on my disks after I’d finished the jobs.  I know some of it was my dad’s from various things I’d cleaned up for him.  Obviously, he won’t be needing that stuff anymore.  (He’s here…)

Others, I have only sketchy memories.

Regardless, at some point, I wrote a totes awesome skript that copied all those music files into a single directory..

Half a decade later, here I am, shuffling through all the refuse.  *sigh*  I really am probably not going to listen to a lot of that old school hip hop I had, or the smooth jazz that somehow crept its way in.  Or would smooth jazz do something other than creep?  Saunter, maybe?