Five (7/24)

The thing I wouldn’t talk about Friday isn’t happening.  I don’t know how I really should feel about that.

Yes, it seemed like it could be kinda awesome.

Just after I got that, though, something else may have come through.

At the same time, I am sorta getting in to what I’m doing.

No complete crash towards the end of the afternoon.

And interrupted by my wife phoning me to tell me she’s on her way home.  I guess the racist fucks from Charlottesville are going to be rallying in DC this year.

You can’t imagine the immensity of the fuck I’m not giving.

I’m listgening to a recap of a Millennial’s weekend.

I don’t even know what to say, other than maybe I’ve eaten that much avocado as she had that weekend in my entire life.

Are you more likely to be swayed by logic or passion?

Given what I’m listening to right now, it’s definitely the former.  Ayn Rand made lots of somewhat compelling arguments about reason being what separates humans from common animals.


At the same time, passion is also important.  Caring about what you’re doing, doing something you think is important, makes you more likely to do whatever you’re doing well.

I’ve been neglecting the things I think I do, even adequately, to try and sustain for a while.

Why do I do that?  Because I’m passionate about being able, despite my failing eyesight, to look at myself in a mirror.

I don’t have any big regrets about what I’ve done.  Maybe about some of the self abuse I inflicted on myself, sure.

But I never have portrayed myself as something I’m not.

Is that the battle between and logic?  I don’t know.

I could probably ramble on all night, but I”m not sure that’s at all worthwhile.