Nine (7/28)

I’d planned on recycling, but what I’d fetched really isn’t suiting my fancy this morning.  *snip*  *off to a later date*

This morning’s fun involves trying to get things better configured in my work area.

I need a WiFi antenna, to figure out getting this RPi to bridge wireless-to-wired.

I guess I also need to do sekurity for my sites since the totes-not-evil group decided that it’s not going to display HTTP pages anymore.

Guess that just about wraps it up for most caching methods.  But, like, any sort of traffic management violates Net Neutrality, bro.  Speaking of that, I was listening to The Fifth Column last night, where Michael Moynihan was talking about a Vice News interview he did with an Intertubes company that was cutting off access to a group of bigots.  (Maybe they were Nazis?)  The company rep being interviewed was absolutely okay with that sort of speech restriction.

But it’d violate Net Neutrality.

And heads asplode on Reddit.

Or they should, if they actually gave a fuck.  But they don’t.  So vote for Mark “Nextel” Warner, who’s all for Net Neutrality now that the smoldering remains of his telco empire is getting sold to the Germans.  Keep.  Virginia.  Blue

But, you know what, I’m okay with providers blocking content, and shaping traffic.

I don’t care that AT&T gives me a better deal with DirecTV Now than I’d get from using other services.  (And maybe I will subscribe again, since I’m a bit miffed that Hulu doesn’t let me record S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, or move to later segments in Kennedy )

But back to the Internet providers, I don’t care that they cache content.  I don’t care that they keep me from seeing Nazi content, or wholesome kiddie porn.,

I’m okay with that.

Also, there’s myriad technical workarounds you can take to circumvent restrictions imposed by providers.

In the past, I’ve done things such as routing mail through a work Qmail server to get around a home ISP’s port 25 restrictions.

You can’t stop things, no matter how passionately you believe that government can solve every problem.