November is almost here

Obviously, this past winter was more than a little tumultuous, between getting laid off by the four-letter company, dealing with a separate financial matter, being bummed out about Shady Grove Marketplace closing, and an MS exacerbation, I basically stopped writing for awhile. During this hectic time, the place where I’d been writing since 1999 shut down for good.

Since 2010, I’d been writing every single day of November, and continued that last year, despite the site’s death rattles. Unfortunately, I haven’t latched onto something for next month yet.

This year, I want to write. I will write. But what to write about? This is the question.

If I was lazy, I’d recycle prompts from the past four years. Instead, I’m looking for inspiration from my, to steak a phrase from Katy, nonexistent readers.