NoJoMo 22

November 22nd is a big day for a graying segment of the population; calculate your age for that particularly bad day in Dallas, and describe the most important President of your lifetime.

I was -16 when Kennedy was assassinated. So, biologically, half of me existed. The other half wouldn’t be produced until years later. The current President was only a year old. This has little significance for probably the majority of Americans today. It’ll be less and less relevant as time goes on.

As for the most important President of my lifetime, I keep going back to George HW Bush. More and more I realize how little the Boomer Presidents have actually done for the country. The political unpopularity of some of the smart fiscal things he did, along with the “little Admiral,” cost him re-election in 1992, unfortunately. I actually work with people now who were born after he was President.

The more I see, the more disgusted I get, lately.