Watched this one.

Overall, a good speech, and I swung around to speak to the speaker afterwards to see if she might know someone looking for a quick govvie hire. (I am Schedule A Disabled, Purportedly, that’s a good way to find a Federal job. Given that I’ve been looking for something like four years now, I’m not sure about that.)

She ran through a lot of the numbers about InfoSec job prospects. She did touch on the thing that I’m seeing far too often, people with store-bought degrees or “certifications,” who can’t do much of anything other than play Minesweeper. Memorizing things, then taking a purely multi-choice test says nothing about your ability to figure out how to deal with something that isn’t a lab example.

She did change my mind, a bit, on certifications that check up on current knowledge.

I can’t say, though, that the CompTIA family does that. Every time I study to win their latest Minesweeper release, I have to unlearn so many things just to pass the damned test.