Even More Moose than ever

I did blast off earlier about the nonsense I head with the DNS over HTTPS (somewhat appropriately initialized as “DOH.”)

The speaker summed it up pretty well in a Tweet response.

But on to today since we’re on a lunch break.

I’m going to go in reverse order since I have my notes on the last one up and in front of me. First up, since it’s freshest in my mind is this.

I did speak to the speaker following the address. My comments in the Slack channel were met with both bemusement and curiosity.

She got to the point of complete derangement toward the end. My initial question to her was whether the Russian disinformation campaign strategy she outlined actually makes a compelling argument agains “experience” candidates.

Though I didn’t vote for him in 2016, I find President Trump’s path to the White House fascinating.

Yet there’s a school of thought that says that he wouldn’t be there if the Russians hadn’t meddled.

Yes, that’s Sister Rachel The Woke’s line almost every single night on MSNBC.

There’s not a single thing that she, Chuck Todd, or anyone in the tech heads cabal can do to change that.

A magical meeting with Zuckerberg, et. al. won’t make sure the establishment’s anointed candidate is the plurality winner next time, either.

I could go on for hours about this, but what’s the point?

None of these be-all, end-all solutions is going to convince people that writing down passwords is a really bad idea, or that you would never get an email telling you where to change your password.

Immediately before that, I checked in to the hotel, and took a nap. I’m running on fumes. Maybe I should eat something. Or something.

But before check-in and nap, I watched this. Perhaps that influenced my thinking in the later one.

So much of what’s going on is conventional approaches to new problems.

Harkens back to one of Mouse’s presentations a few years ago about the Maginot Line.

Stop doing what you’ve always done, and be reactive in defense based on what the situation presents.

That is all for now. Off to watch more. More writing tonight, I’m sure.